The End.

My spring semster of college guys has came to a close! i have officialy finsiehd my semster and I couldn’t be more excited then i am right now. I can look foward to summer, the beach, the late nights and early morings everything is just going to be amazing you know, then i enrolled for summer classess….. 15 credits people.
While i wallow in my depression about what i am going to put myself through this summer i think of the pros that come with it and the lifestly that I am attempting to gain. I like lavish expensive things so i have to work as if i already have it and i am just working to maintain it, that being said i have been recording youtube videos and the first will be up this Thursday!!!
The downside to my lavish lifestyle dreams are the things i must cut out in order to have a better future. starting with the fun activites that many people are going to be taking part in and then i will be home ;earning about people who were born 400 years before me and what the cholorplast does for a plant…. but hey nothing worth happen comes easy, so i will sit at home in my wallow, but best believe i will make time for the turnup.

So basically my life that seemed to be going really fast and out of control is actually really just now starting to pick up, and a part of me is ready while another part of me is terrified due to the fact i can feel myself getting old and growing up. Now i am not planning my retirement or wedding, but i am planning the next 4 years and who and what i am going to give my time and energy too because our time is vauleable. So don’t let people waste it and if your semster is over like me



GET LIT!!!!!!!

and if your semester is coming to a close






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