Summer 16

my baby drake  Grind season my friends grind grind grind. I can not express enough  how exicted i am for summer 16. not only is it summer but my love is coming to Michigan!!!! And i plan on spending a band on the 6 god meet and greets. 

Now back to the situations at my hand. I have been thinking alot about my wants and my needs. and when i took a step back i have realized that i can make alot more money if i thought before i bought. Like i want new clothes and jewerly and food however i need a nice apartment, a nice car, and i need at least 12 new outfits at the end of every month. However in order to gain you have to be willing to put in the work. That is where the line is divided between the bosses and the workers.

Everything i need comes with a price. I have talked to my dad and mom about wanting a new car my dad told me ” you want it work for it” and my mom who had a mustang when i first met her when she married my father i reger to her as my mom because everything she has taught me is finally starting to sink in and it all is beginning to finally click. First rule is never buy a car before you have your own pkace. Why would you want a lavish ride without a place to call your now. So that motivated me to work even harder.

On top of taking 13 credits this summer i am going to be working 2 jobs and saving. I did want to turnup and be a wild hood rat and just be out, however i will do that when i am 21 and finally fully legal. Like i will still get out and around but i have goals and visions. In order to gain one must sacrifice. So i give up one summer to gain and piece of my future lifestyle so be it.

you can either spend your life punching a clock working for somebody else your whole life, or you punch a clock work your ass off to later on create a clock that others will have to punch for you.


the choice is all yours



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