Young and Beautiful

It is May 4th and I am 5 days away from starting my summer semester and i would usually dread it however my summer classes are kind of classes that i am sort of in a way looking foward too but that my friends is far from  the point of this post. This post is about missing post due to the fact i have been out and about having fun and just having this semi social life.  i should of have been recording my past weekends due to the fact if i was to tell what has been happening, i doubt anybody would ever believe me. 



I have a crush. i haven’t had a crush since frosted tips were a thing. Like i have always liked guys but this crush is pretty different from the rest. It is kind of scary to me becasue i am so asored in myself and work, to think i actually make space and time to think of somebody else is mind blowing like….. it is just foriegn considering it has been years.



i have a new job/jobs: I have always wanted to serve due to the fact you leave work with money and don;t have to wait every 2 weeks for a check, me personally i hate it and i blow through it and not to mention i have grown pretty over it due to the chaging only when convient and only certain people rules being established. so y serving adventures should and will be one for the books, Also i am looking into ulta becasue the makeup, and who doesn’t love makeup.



Some people are faker then the gucci purses sold at the corner liquor store. It does not matter what you do for somebody if they are fake, you will gain nothing bu disrespect and frustration. And honeslty nobody has the time to deal with that. I know i don’t. There are 7 billion people in this world and if you allow or if you are somebody that thinks other people will take your crap just because you know they genuiely care for you, you my friend are stupid, very very stupid, and i hope bad juju gets you.



JUJU is real!!!!  one thing i remember people always telling me is  ” you get what you give” and that is just the truth. When you are negative and always complaing you get bad juju, bad things happen. when you are postive and happy and going with the flow fun things happen. you laugh, you just have a good time filled with good energy. 


basically my summer is starting and everything is starting to change and am ready to see all the things i get myelf into!


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