I have reached a point in my life were i either make the decession weather i do a monthly plan on education/ something that will benifit me later on down the line…. or do i do a monthly payment on a 2016 BMW 320i xdrive sedan. And i almost fell in the hole for the damn car, and i am glad i have the little voice in my head telling me ” don’t you freaking do it” this little voice my friends is called adulting!!!!


First advenure in my adulting jouney is changing my hair color… super light, i always wanted to do a pure honey blonde and everytime i chickened to, and would do a auburn, or super light brown however this time i jumped right in. my hair is honey blomde and i love it that was a good adult move i did on my part. stopped being a scared little child and did what had to be done to make me happy.


IMG_0290  I have decided to take this blog seriously so i am learning how to upgrade this to the highest level i can, because this is what i really want to do becasue i enjoy it, people enjoy it so why not make money and do what i love daily. Instead of hiding behing the idea of making becoming a vet my main idea because i have so many ideas, and instead of boxing myself into one category i am going to expand myself to everything i want to do, and i am going to make it all happen.

Summer Pre-View

So i have decided to take only summer classes that begin towards the end of jue so i could semi enjoy my summer. and i thik that is the best thing i could have ever done becasue my stress level has been rising and dropping has been the best decession ever.I plan on recording and taking a bunch of pictures and videos and i simply can not wait!!!!!!

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