Weekend Wrap-up

The jacket is a reebok windbreaker, i had orginally gotten for my sister but yeah i fell in love with it, the shoes are Nike, and they are so comfortable!!! and the pants are from old navy and i love them i have like 7 pairs. And yes i mix matched the brands because you can.

This weekend i did alot of playing with my clothes in my room. i have a full closet, dresser, even my desk that is supposed to be used for school work is covered in clothes. And i have this porblem of wearing like 7 outfits when i have a whole good 50 plus outfits unwore in my closet! so i took the chance and had some fun.

This is by far the most comfortable and cutest outfits that you can create fast and last minute. The joggers came from Sam’s club and shoutout to my grandma for gettingme them becasue i love them. and the top i honestly don’t know i just found it in my closet. 
My Athletic look is my other favorite due to the fact it is simple and so so cute! the sports bra is victorias secret and lemme tell you it is amazing and worth the money. cute and supports. And the pants are from Old Navy, my favorite place to buy my athletic pants. 

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This was my final outfit, i wore Saturday downtown to a party. The top and skirt are both from Charlotte Russe and let me tell you that store is the saving grace for cute cheap fast outfits. i was aiming for a cute yet sexy look, to show something but not all.


I hope you all have a amazing week and i hope your weekend was just as fun and fashionable as mine!!!!1

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