Tuesday is always better then Monday


In honor of June approching and summer showing its face i am more then excited about the summer fashion. From makeup, hair, clothes, even the food. In Michigan you get a good 3 and half months to enjoy all things summery. From the tan compleexion, the sun kissed hair, and my fave my freckels begin to make their love appereance. Summer is just something i think everybody needs becasue the wheather alone is something amazing.


I have been going through a phase in which i weigh out all my options and i test them all. wheather i know it is good or bad it is always worth the attempt. and i am going to keep this sun kissed golden blonde for the summer and then fall i am going to the midnight jet black. I had a lady from the beauty supply store tell me ” you look like wonder women and black makes your facial features pop.” and that alone made me want to strip my hair and go to black…. that will becoming in september!!!

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Black was giving me so much life!!!!


Work Work Work 

 Summer is a time to stack your money my friends!!!  I don’t know why but i feel the need to always be busy and doing something. and recently i have quit my recent job due to the fact that just was not who i was anymore, and the fact i was miserable for a pay that just was bot worth it, i found a new establishment. Well 2 and one involves serving and the other working with people i am excited about both because both are great and involve great money. And trust me money is important nobody wants to be broke, and nobody enjoys feeding a leech, so get jobs and chase and make this shmoneyy ladies. 


me me me me .gif




I am actually laughing as i type this becasue my life relationships in genral have been very least to say interesting. All the way from my friends to my so called ” romantic” life. My friendships have been rollercoasters and they are finally starting to stabilize themselves i am realizing who is my real friend and who is just here because their is no other place to be. As for realtionship wise i am pretty content on the idea and concept of being single. I have watched ” love” corrupt people, and just do not feel like i am in the postion to love anybody aside myself. in life sometimes you have to be the boat. So many people want to force relationships just to be one and then there is me. My stepmom once told me about how people my age are in relationships and crap like that but honeslty i have yet to meet somebody who could get and keep my attention.  Until then the only guy i love is my father and brothers. and i am okay with that i am only 18 and i have time to still be a boat. 



I love it, and i am currently typing this at 1:43 am due to the simple fact my days are busy and filled but this deserves my time and attention because i love it and you guys enjoy it. I still plan on adding more to my blog videos and such so that is exciting adn i can not wait to share it!!!



I hope everybodys Tuesday is fun, productive and that something good happens too you and for you!!! let us all try to rememvber friday is only 3 days away!!!!

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