Beach recap

The wheather is finally breaking and summer is basically here!! That means sundresses, shorts, crop tops, sandles, bbq just everyhting that makes a person feel good. Today is also a holiday, memorial day. So from friday to now i did a few summer things that got me excited for the offical start of summer.


Lake Michigan

lake michigan

I have not gone to the beach since last august so going this saturday i was super excited, The sand, people, the tan i was going to get all of it got me pumped. Then i got their and forgot the basic beach rules.

1. i kept losing the damn blanket!!! me and a friend had made our fort near the front of the water in the middle near a old man and a huge sandcastle, and we successfully managed to lose where we put our stuff 3 times :-).

2. Sunscreen is your friend fr the beach, however i skipped out on that memo and thought ” i will be finally be golden” well i do have a glo and xun kissed rose red  cheeks.

3. people stare, I have this bad souble standard that i can stare as much as i want however i hate beig stared at, and the beach people watch you go in the water and out adn sit down and eat, they just seem to enjoy watching people here, even the people knocked out on towels.


I hope everybody had a amazing memorial weekend!!!





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