Beauty in the bitch

I have became so fascinated with the idea of beauty lately, I blame the endless cosmopolitan and glamour magazines I read, and the flawless Instagram models that I follow on instagram. Then I thought I truly find my beauty inspiration in the people around me. I have beautiful friends, family members, co workers I am just surrounded by beautiful people that seem to always be going through something and I am an observer, and they inspired me to write about not only them but also myself.

oh my gosh, i had acrylic nails since st.patricks weekend i would keep them up with fill-Ins and the usual maintenance and i decided they had ran their course and i had took these bad boys off and lord have mercy my nails are sooooo tragic. some of the leftover glue is still there my nail bed is all weak and crap, however boy the acrylics were getting some love honey!!! i had played with the colors from green, to maroon to like this pearlish clear color and people were feeling it and it was all popping, NOW… just say a little prayer for me that my nail bed goes back to being the beautiful little bed that they were.

i had been playing around with my hair lately boy and when i say playing i mean experimenting with everything. from color to texture to length and it has been a journey. my hair is naturally curly and big and everybody loves to tell me how pretty and exotic it is, however i have it everyday and it gets boring so i expnad out on my styles. and it is a costly habit but trust me, there is nothing more rewarding then finding out how to find/upgrade your look.

My skin gets so blessed in the summer, being bi-racial I get super pale in the winter like nearly white as a ghost, then in the summer it is like Bam!!! Sun kissed skin my freckles come out and I literally become golden. However last year I had learned the hard way, I can as well burn. I had this very awkward tan on my boobs where like the top were super dark adn tan and lower were nearly pale as casper, after that I have decided to use the lovely support of sun screen!!! And that ugly tan has finally evened out almost a whole year later.

One thing i am learning this year is that the people you hang around influence you and it can either be a negative or postive impact, and your vibes my friends effect everything about you. when you surround yourself with driven focsued positive people they rub off on you. they make you want to go out and get on grind and build. while on the other hand you can be surrounded by negative people, who may work yet only seem to focus on others and what they aren’t doing right and just are rude and always on BS. and i have had my fair share the past 2 months of mixing vibes and i would rather be around good then bad,regardless if their family, friends, your crush do not let people drag you down.

Let me start with I am a sucker for funny guys and just people in general. I like to laugh a lot because it is fun to laugh and I live to laugh because I truthfully laugh to keep form crying. And personality is just so interesting to me like, you get to really see who a person is past the outside. Now the only downside to personality is people can put up a front!! I had a guy act all sweet and funny when in reality he was not shit, I had a girl act stuck up and rude when in reality she was a sweetheart and funny as they come. The point is little things that people do and say make them who they are and that is amazing. So keep your genuine personality and just spread it around, unless you are an asshole, then stay in your home..isolated.

These are 5 things of a million I could go on and on and about but I hope you related and enjoyed the read!!!!

Love you!


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