Fresh face wakeup look

It is Friday, it is June, it is sunny guys it is basically summer!!!! 

These past weekends i have been enjoying myself getting out and hanging out with people just living life, and with life came pictures !!! If you are one of those anti selfie people go chew rocks becasue i love selfies and i adore myself becasue i am literally in love with myself, sounds concited but that is how you are supposed to be. Any who i been taking a lot more pics just because there are days when i like to look back at what i was doing, or if my phone is super dry…. that is honestly the worst.  but here are some of my favorite pictures from the past weekend. 


This look is my favorite due to the fact, it is all me and yeah no makeup simple bun and nice lighting!!! my freshface look literally the ” i woke up feeling cute lemme snap a pic” 




These are as natural as they come as well, as you guys have probably noticed my one of my favorite colors is black, i mean who doesn’t like black, and the way it complements my skin and hair color and the sunshine my friends was really out and popping!!! 


I plan on adding more pics and discriptions in my june lookbook but for now, this is really it i plan on posting about a stakeout me and my friend did and how it completly blew up in our face, yet was probably the best weekend of our life… stay tuned!!!!


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