1 year into adulting !!!!

IMG_5551 So with the class of 2015 graduating i have realized something, 1 time goes by way to fast and 2 i have been semi adulting as some may say but to me i have been adulating. I used to come home from school in highschool have my food cooked for me, not have to worry about paying a single bill, hell i was really just living and all i had to do was clean and keep my siblings alive. fastword 365 days later i am a free little bird, and let me say i have been going some places and falling dead on my face, however your favorite little bird made it through a whole year.

First thing i never considered when i thought about being a adult was te damn food, I alwyas never appreicated coming home to food from school, and i sound so greedy and fat but i mean i enjoy to eat, and highschool i hated it so i would love to come homee to comfort food, and now when i come home all i have to choose from is low carb tortilla wraps, special K cereal.. and sometimes i am lacking the milk, or fricking peppers. needless to say i am at a low risk to gain weight.

Second thing is fricking work, oh my god i hate working jobs where the customer is “always right” like when i start a business that saying will never be spoken in my establishment. i have realized now that i am a citizen in the adulting world how full of crap and immature a adult can be.  I am saying this based off things i have done, and things i have seen other adults do. An example is sometimes i am so stressed over things i do stupid shit. i know the things i am doing are dumb however the dumb thing usually makes me laugh or gives me a high off life. Like i met a guy at the mall back in march who said when he gets stressed from work he goes home and drinks half a bottle of hennessey. Granted i would love to par take in that stress relieve, i journal it and usually vent it out in the blog.

Third thing is nobody ever told me how hard it was going to be to maintain friends when you enter the adulting world. This time last year i ahd a whole circle of friends that i was close with and now i barely talk to any of them. And granted i will always have love for them fro my life, it is not the same. We are all doing our own different things, sometimes you love somebody but you are just at points in your life were being with eachother and communicating just is not a option.

Forth thing is things that bothered you from relationships wiht people begin to motivate you. i think everydya about what people said about me and what people continue to say about me and a year ago it would hurt my feelings and now i let the same words motivate me. A lot of people owe me apologies and even more owe me the time and energy that they stole from me. I used to be a person who would let others opinion eat atme and now since entering the adult world i could care less what anybody has to say about me. Becasue i have learned nobody is going to but me a house in north carolina, nobody is going to buy me a BMW coupe, nobody is going to got to college for me and get a degree for me, I got me and i am all i will ever need.


Adulting has been a adeventure so far, and i am really jsut now getting started and i can say the major pro of this thing called adulting is the Glo up , i look back at old photos that are only a year old a cringe, i wasn’t ughly but i was not what i am now. And at the rate i am going and the work wthic i am putting towards my goals and dreams mannnnn i am going to be the SugarHoneyIceTEA BABY!!!!! So if  you are 1 year into adulting or years or finally joing the clyb, you will mess up and you will make dumb decessions however that is the fun part. that is still the kid inside of you, and enjoy your life. Don’t be so serious all the time sit back and ride the wave of life, just come in at least knowing how to float 🙂



love yall


xoxo, T’yanna

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