Summer Heat

We have entered the season of ” Eat or get ate” and I have realized that this is the season to eat. I have realized I am getting older and I am each day approching closer to my dreams. It is like everything that my parents and family members tried to tell me when i was growing up is finally starting to all come together. They would tell em about money,friends,work and just life in general. And i realized my life works in the pattern of a rollercoaster. I start up go very far down very fast and work my way up. But after awhile the rollercoaster gets pretty old, and i can tell the setback that i am going through right now is only leading to hell of a come up. the biggest part of preparing for the comeup is of course… staying prepared.

One thing I have been doing way more is praying. I used to think to myself prayer was jsut me complaing about things to the air. I mean i always believed in god however i never really consider the power it did have. People gave up on me when they fought i would give up, friends have elft me even though i did everything and then some to make sure they were okay. Trying to take care of everybody is not my job and pleasing everybidy is also not my problem. I have been praying that god allows me to live this nice comfortable life with my family and amazing people, then i read one night. God only gives you battles you can handle to prepare you for the blessing that waits ahead. And if my blessing is as big as every setback… so bring it.

One thing i used to complain about is boys!!!
and lemme tell you i was so stupid. like i used to want a boyfriend so bad, and do not get me wrong i do want one but i honestly like me more then anybody right now. I am more focused on woring towards my degree and money if i was to have a boyfriend he would no be my priority. I blame one my perogative, second my father for always teaching me how to be independent and raisinng me to let me know i don’t need a man even him to get things out of lfe. that if i want something i better work for it myslef. 3rd i blame boys. i have lost count of how many guys with girlfriends have came to me as if they were not in a full relationship and fully commited to somebody. And just a FYI not claiming you boyfriend/girlfrind or saying their your cousin is lame as ever CUT IT!!


I chose this picture due to the fact this filter is my fave, and the crown is all me i am a Queen. 


So by Summer Heat i am referring to either improving your life this summer…. or staying on  your same old reg routine and not changing. And if your life feels the same as it did a year ago or even months, you are complacent. And their is nothing more scary then being complacent. I used to be the same until i thought i want a foreign car, nice big purses, and a nice little mini mansion, and the ability to go shoppping and be obvlious to what a price tag is. So this summer i am going to work and i mean work work my tail off. I was thinking i am 18 i can club but when i am 21 i want to be able to have a nice little thing already established, not just getting started. So I work now and play later and it is always more fun to play after a long day at work!!!


IMG_0417Also finally a 5 reasons i can not stand being a girl coming very soon!!! stay tuned my friends!!!!

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