Hair Lookbook ( black hair edition)

It is so amusing to me to try new things! I grew up the child who would always push the boundaries as my dad would refer to it, ” habitual line stepper”. I liked to see how far was far enough in situations. I enjoyed watching people watch me cross lines. I get off on doing  what is not expected of me. I think i get this natural high off the fact so many people do not live their life to the fullest. So many people want to go the NFL, NBA, become the next Beyoncé nobody takes the chance to make it happen. And i do not have the patience within myself not to push the damn lines. So i am going to share my black hair look that i do plan on converting back to!!!!








Jet black hair for my tan golden complexion people is your friend !!! I had a lot of compliments when i had the black hair, i heard it made my face “pop”. And ladies when you are popping life is popping. As you can see also my eyebrows were on the fullest 10 they could be. Which threading is the best, i used to be a waxaholic and then one day before a job interview i had straight caterpillars. And my Aunt Sommer god bless her suggested i go to this threading place and it has never been the same since. 


Basically to summon it up for people who have never been blessed by the thread you hold your eye as the lovely soul of an eyebrow person threads away, and your eyebrows and ego when finished will fly through the roof. 


Beauty my lovely people also comes in Education!!! 

As i have been exploring into new thins involving beauty and business i realized i have so much to learn. So with that being said i have looked into new things to start studying and preparing to take classes way out of my major because knowledge is power. People can take nearly everything from you, but what your education is not one. I realized all my dad would tell me as i was growing up is settling into my ” line stepping” head.  You can do a bunch of things to succeed in something to show a person or group you could do it. But better yourself for you. Nothing is more rewarding than doing something you put your mind to and took your energy and 1,440 minutes given to us to get your goals done. I been wanting to start a blog since i was 14 and now here i am 18 finally getting it started. And these past 6 months i have learned and taught myself all about limits and have been studying my favorite journalist and writers, and if you can take a piece of every succesful person and add it into what you do.. . you my friend are unstoppable.



That being said whatever you do to push the lines our boundaries, keep it pushing my pushers. living life by routine and limits leaves no impact on your legacy, nothing good came from a person who was not a line stepper.


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