pay day is 3 days away and i have no milk to enjoy my special K cereal. As you guys may know i enjoy my lovely special K cereal. I do not know how many times after watchining my 2 episodes of Criminal Minds, i think to myself ” Cereal would be so good right now.” Then i am left to walk up the stairs pour myself the nice little bowl, and then i go to the fridge and relaize there is no frigging milk. And i usually get upset aout things like this due to the fact I have a never ending black hole in my stomach, but today i just laughed. Because i have realized there are so many things to be happy about rather then upset and pissed off. I decided to laugh becasue my life is pretty funny. Who else binge watches netflix series and who else do you knwo gets cut slack by cops for speeding and gets issued high prices traffic violations and lastly who is blessed enough to recieve every job offer that they go on in the interview. I laughed because i was really about to get uspet over some milk. I am laughing at writing this because i realized so many people let the little things bother them and upset them. I could of let my lack of milk ruin my whole day and go to workall bent out of shape and upset, however i laughed and I feel amazing. I decided today was going to be a good day I am going to go to orientation for my new job, and interview for another job and i am going to smile and i am going to be postive. So with all that being said enjoy your day, smile at a stranger, do something you always wanted to do be happy. I will post later if anybody didi anything stupid and attempted to ruin my day!!!

Xoxo, T’yanna

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