So i was thinking today is a day for friends and celebration for knowing somebody and them being your friends and just making your life a little bit easier. And i got to thinking about my friends and people who make my life a little bit funnier and easier, and when i thought about it i started to realize i have very few friends,but the ones i do have, i love them. There is nothing more great than a person you know who had your back no matter what and i have known some for years and others for only months, friendship is easy to start, it is just the people of this world that make it difficult. Scary to think nobody truly knows another intentions with you. I know a few times i was used to get to the next person and that used to bother me until i remember reading ” if you can not be used then you are useless” harsh yet true. People are always looking for an easy come up and ways to advance in life even if it means hurting the ones you are supposed to care about. However the people is surround myself with all are going somewhere and doing things with their life, And i realized i had people around me doing nothing but tearing down the next person trying to make their way up.

There is nothing worse than a hateful person. So that being said if you have real genuine friends, love them, appreciate them, and lastly know people are not like that anymore. My biggest problem when it comes to friends and who i believe is my friends is they are never as genuine about their feelings and as loyal. I got a curse of loyalty, i will be loyal to everybody knowing deep down they do not deserve my word, let alone my time. But then i think of how i always wanted to grow up and be the person i never had. Do not get me confused i grew up and went through my awful “bitch” phase, where i was rude and mean to my friends cause i had no house training, i did but i acted as if i did not. Then by the grace of god i grew up and became somebody that other people wanted to befriend. I think i could be a little better, but i am getting there. I am starting to think as if i was the other person and try to see how they see. Because deep down i am an emotional person but at the same time i could care less about what somebody has to say about me.

Basically the point i am drawing here is it is free to be a decent person. It is free to take the time to get to know somebody and speak to them. I do not know why people think in the mind frame ” no new friends” like i was apart of that stupid bandwagon then i was like, ” wow i am a lonely person with my 2 friends” and then i got to speaking to people first and just starting basic conversations and i was surprised to see how easy it was to actually become some bodies friend. I was never sy in the social department i was just selective and bias. I would avoid people because of what i heard about them from others, or because we did not run in the same circle. When i was open to meeting new people and places life got way easier and life became more enjoyable. So this friends day thank your friends for dealing with your crap and loving you even when they want to kill you. And if you feel as if you have no friends i will be your friend and you can comment below and we can talk about my Netflix addiction and whatever you want to talk about.



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Here are some of the people i love, and am beyond thankful to call them my friends ❤ and these pictures are so old and bad omg but bear with me !!!

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