Revlon Matte Lipstick Review

Makeup shoping is the best retail therapy next to clothes shopping a girl can ever do. I have been trying to adventure towards different products and brands to see which one is my favorite one, i went from being the girl that would wear any color because i simply liked the color. To the girl searching for “her” color, the one that matches everything and goes with everything.  And I’ve started venturing into the pinks and let me tell you pink is my friend. 


IMG_0462 These are the 2 Lipsticks that i bought and and tested out, and i adore both of these little babies.

This is the first lipstick ( the purpleish pink one). The name is true to the product, the lipstick is very HD, it is perfect if you want to be seen!!! It is a bold color and makes your face pop to the max. However the “MATTE” is not as matte as i would like to be. It does have a smear effect but the color is honestly so complementing and when i run out of this color, will be going back for more!!!



2nd peach pink color 


The scond is the pinkish peachish cole, that i adore and is a good color for the natura effect and i wear this more then the first one due to the fact it is more of a natural look. The only con is it does the smear thing like the first one, however the stay time for both is the best. I wear these colors out when i go out and it does not matter if i am dancing, working out, at work, the color stays!!!! Perfect for everywhere and goes good with everything that you can think to wear .

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  • just more pictures containing the lipstick as you can see very netural vibrant color.




Ultimitaly the lipstick is a nice must have if you like vibrant color eye catching lipstick, and do not mind a minior smear, i would recommend this to my friends aka all of you 🙂



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