Replacing the Irreplaceable

Best thing i have done this year was allow people to attempt to replace the Irreplaceable aka me. I would allow people to come and go and double back to me when they missed me due to the fact i genuinely do care for people and their feelings. Then i realized i was not missing out on anything losing them, they were losing out on losing me. I am not being cocky when i say this i just know my worth and my potential and him my future is going to be. And i know another female can go to the same school as me, wear the same clothes as me, work the same job i do, she could be the clone of me but she will never be me.

The one thing I can not stand is inconsistency. People only want you when they can no longer have you. Or my favorite ( please realize the sarcasm) when they have a full relationship but claim to want you and miss you. Like ever since i could remember my dad told me ” never be a man’s option” I know i bring too much to offer somebody to be played and viewed as an option”. And being the option is never okay because it is the same old song every time, they rarely leave the one they love for the one they like, And if they do 9 times out of 10 they regret it each day. Very rarely do people get it right messing around with somebody on the side.

Other thing is it sucks losing somebody you do care about, and you know the feeling is not mutual. People lie and use and take. Best thing to do with these type of people is cut them loose and go ghost. Do not hit them up, do not stalk their social media, hell try your best to not even think about them. Nothing is worse than lost time, and double backing is a waste of damn time. Actions speak louder than words and if words do not match actions pack up them feelings and keep it to jaymar

know your worth. Your mom did not carry you for 9 months and push you out to be treated like crap, And ladies i know our daddies , uncles whoever taught us to be treated like queens nothing less. I know life happens and we play a fool for somebody down the line, but do not be the clown in the circus trying to change no boy. I was a clown and i realized i was trying t change somebody who did not want to change. Instead if being stuck on him and chasing him i cut the ties. I do not worry nor concern myself with anything tied to him.  You can not force somebody to care about you, and you for sure can not force somebody to take your feelings into consideration. real as shit

Best thing to do is continue to do you. I used to have the mindset of let me do this that and let him see how i am looking and doing. Then i was given the advice to just do me, and that my friends makes people crawl back. When people talk down on you and do not appreciate you and see all that you offer when they have you. they see it when you go. And i am sorry but i am being real when he comes back because he will come back talking all that sweet ” i  miss you” or ” where you been girl”  hit him where it hurts … “READ” and close.  when you get that text, dm , snapchat babygirl you are doing it right.  boys

You should always come first, you were not put on this earth to be somebodies backup plan.  Keep grinding, keep going to school and getting smarter, keep doing you and growing up and getting your own money. I know that is what i am doing. I have a list of things i want and i work towards getting them, I am not worried about not having them because i know by 25 i will have everything on this list plus some more. Point making me chasing a boy is not on my list, me stressing over a boy is not on the list, me giving my presence to a boy is not on my list. I am fed up of watching girls be stuck on these guys. Work get your money up, get that gpa to the high 3.0’s, you do this you will be the main thing on his mind, and the subject of him and his friends conversation. Just remember to always stay gracious best revenge is your paper, as Beyoncé said.


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