Who do you drunk text


I wish i was more commited to keeping certain people on the block list. I wish i had the stregnth to keep the people out of my life out, but the problem is the ones i am meant to keep out are the ones i usually at a point in time missed the most. But then i remember drunk texting a whole other level of texting. and let me explain how.


drunk txt 6

  1. drunk texting is when somebody is under the influence of alcohol and make them do things they would not have the courage to do sober
  2. drunk texters will usually play off the texts asbeing ” i was just drunk i did not mean it”
  3. They usually do not mean it, they are emotional and under the influnce and most likely loney
  5. the person  will usually have some type of hold on you, wheather it be a crush, old friend, or ex, they usually have a tie to you.
  6. play along my friends, feed into the act but not the way they want you too




drunk texting 1 The thing i do no think i ever understood or ever will understand is the point. I have never been on the sending end but have been on the receiving and really all it did was make me frustrated and irritrated. Once you finally start to get yourself together and your head cleared people come around and begin to throw you off, simply because they can.  As been a receiving veteran i tell you as frank as i can, play the puppet master do not feed into the fantasy being pitched to you.  They do not miss you, they do not love you, they are lonely and expect you to be there like you always are. And you are not a saftey net, so stop being one and let them hit reality face first.

drunk txt 2

Now, if you have fell victium to the sweet alchol text, it is okay. I mean we can not help how we feel about somebody and sometimes are emotions do get the best of us and we slip up that is okay, Because we as the sender can, can down play the whole situation. They can claim they were drunk and you can claim you were listening to drake and you felt the need to respond to make them feel better. See how 2 can play that game 🙂 .


dt4Whether you are a sender or reciever know the sword of drunk texting is double sided and it all depends on how you handle the sword if you get cut, or if you do the cutting.


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