Halfway through 2016

my life rn.gif I am the only person i know who can single Handley destroy and repair themselves 10 times better. I do not know why i always have this rush over me where things start to go really good for me, i find some type of way to throw it all off.  I can blame my life events, my sanity, hell i can blame god, but it is all me, all the way T’yanna Angeline.  I would be upset when writing about this but i have passed the part of me destroying myself i have began to build myself again and here is the whole halfway 2016 update!!! 



college.gif As you are aware i have put myself in summer courses, on my own and yeah the picture summons it up i am alive but barely. But hey nothing worth having comes easy and catch me at 25 2 degrees and breathing just fine once those vet school loans get forgiven and i am in mt BMW with my sexy husband and beautiful kids!!! or if my loans don’t get forgiven catch me at the nearest bridge near you diving off head first into some rocks cause vet school aint cheap fam. but in school i am doing well and i plan on keeping it that way.



lu6 I have been doing pretty ehhh. I want more new friends yet enjoy the few I have now. I do love everybody in my life but i feel as if i am missing out on a lot due to the fact i am lacking in the friends department. But when i think about past friendships people change and grow apart, and that is what i have done. I feel like me and a lot of my friends are no longer on the same page, and that is major flaw. You are who you hang around, and you go as far as they people you know and surround yourself with. So i am cleaning house and evaluating everybody i call my “friend” and am patiently waiting and praying for new amazing people to grace my life. 



lu3 All my family members that predicted i would grow to be a prude little brat, congrats you were correct. For like the first 16 years of my life than i grew up to become a very blunt little antisocial yet to social butterfly that puts my feelings and views on the internet for other people to read :). I honestly love my whole family i really do but i question if they love me at times. Because i do feel as if i am like the person who was placed in the family like ” here you go, here is your karma for your past life” I say this laughing because i know they love me but i am not their little trophy family member. I do not show up to family functions on time, i do not ask my cousins to hang out, and i do not hold a straight face when we say a family prayer over dinner when we are all together. I am the family member who debates about going, the one who post blunt funny humor on Facebook, the cousin who’s always on her phone because that is her life. But i am their entertainment, i am a very fun person i deserve a show and i know i bring every last one of relatives entertainment. But i am in place where i kinda just want everybody to let me be me and keep their feedback in their head or personal convos with others. basically i grew up to be queen petty. 



life update blog LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. 2016 has been the year for boys. I have learned some lessons my friends. 

1. Boys lie about everything, and i mean nearly everything i had a boy tell me he was 19 to later see on instagram he was celebrating his 21st funny right 

2. If he has a girlfriend, you are his entertainment when she is mad, kinda common sense but yeah and if he never brings up the fact he has a girlfriend and thinks you are oblivious he is dumb. 

3. If he does not text you throughout the day or morning YOU ARE NOT A CONCERN OF HIS SO HE SHOULD NOT BE YOURS!!!

4. Guys talk more than girls to their friends, And they also Lie when talking about you 

5. Going ghost on a guy, makes him wonder and worry and when he comes back READ AND CLOSE LADIES! 

6. Do not, let one guy ruin you and your heart and how you view other guys, just stay true to you and never and i mean ever go back to old news.. ever you are so much  better than that. 



lu4 I quit a job, just to end up going to a similar job. However i feel the difference in it. I am wanting to explore new places and areas of work. I did serving for a short time to only realize i am so far from a kiss ass to beg and plead somebody to order an appetizer. Then i thought about being an assistant to a doctor…. and yeah that would have lasted me all of 4 hours, i hate office jobs. Then i ended up right where i think i belong at the moment.  I feel the need for a new adventure i will probably leap for it in the summer of 2017, until then i am happy and content and chilling. 


Blogging/ Vlogging:

fucking meeeeee I love it i love it i freaking love it. Telling y’all how i feel makes me feel amazing seeing yall relate and comment and like is just so rewarding. I plan on pursuing this for a long time until the day i die because i do think it is a talent of mine i do need to focus my mind and time too because it is rewarding and i love it. ANd vlogging is so fun id di not know i could enjoy myself so much talking to a camera.  I have made 3 so far do not know when i wanna post but i know they are good and funny and just so me so T’yanna. I can not believe i have been doing this for half a year i could not imagine now not doing it i love it!! and lastly i love you guys for reading liking and keeping up tp date. Yall are the B to my Yonce. 



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