Summer outgoing look

IMG_2798    It is basically summer. Nearly everybody is out of school, class of 2016 yall graduated happiness is just flying through out this summer air. I know i am happy due ot the fact i am starting to shop again and seriously learning makeup and sharing my hits and miss with you guys. And this saturday and sunday were some hitsssss. 


Outfit Uno (one)

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The top and skirt are both from Charlotte Russe.  If you have never shopped there i suggest you becasue theu always have some type of bomb deal going on and their clothes are cute. And if you are looking for a job they are always hiring… and i mean always like always always you get a 40 percent discount too, which is pretty clutch. But as you can see the top and skirt compliment eachother very well and you could wear this to date night, or just a casual summer outgoing pair it with sandals or heels and get to slaying!!!


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This is a side view as well as if the shirt was a black full shirt this is how it would look, sort of dress like which is super cute as well. I like both ways pretty equally but whatever is your personal pergoative go for it, like it, love it, strunt in it and slay.


Outfit dos (two)

This was taken Saturday at my aunts house, my family and I were celebrating the beginnning of summer and we had grilled food and all that good stuff and ME being Me eanted to get all fancy and cute. And that day in Michigan it was hot as all hell, my hair managed to sweat out, my makeup thankfully stayed in place, and my skin got blessed with a sunkiss. ‘but i bought out my red summer dress and i managed to get some photos in before it all went to trash. 

The 3rd picture is literally my whole life summoned up, me being cute and adorable and my exsistence not even being thought of or acknowledged. Typical T’yanna life.


The dress is from H&M got it for 5 dollars and that was a better investment then me getting a little easers pizza my friends, its body fitting and just makes you look and feel good, you can never go wrong with a red dress. 


Outfit Tres (three)

IMG_2759 This look was so random i am going to be honest with you guys. I put zero effort into this i had just gotten home form the BBQ and seen it laying on my floor and was like “let me take some pics” and to  my surprise they were actually very cute. The top cam eform Charlotte Rusee, and by now you can probably tell i shop there a lot and have a serious spemding habit at that store but hey their clothes are cute! and the pants i do not know , i do not recall where majority of my pants come from is weat they just appear with time and i only wear them probably 30 days out of all 265, i am leggins, yoga pants skirts type of girl. 




So that is this weekends lookbook, hope you enjoyed it!

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