5 things i hate about being a girl

Imagine being on fire and hating the feeling of being on fire yet loved the feeling in an odd way and wanted the fire to be put out yet wanted it to burn you into a little pile of ashes all wondering if you remembered to turn your straightener off… that my friends is called being a girl.


bag3 That is how it feels, that whole little pharphrase i just did is how it feels being a lovely girl. So that is the first reason i hate being a girl. I swear it is in our DNA to be dramatic. We were created to take one thing and break it down into a million of little things associated with that one. An example being one time i got a text from a guy that literally said “fine”. the backround behind the conversation was we were arguing over who was the reason we had stoppped talking and i made my point he made his and he eneded the conversation with “fine”. And I had never lost my mind as hardcore as i did with that incident, i was all did he just one word me, hell why did he even repsond, why did i even respond, to we are never gonna speak to eachother again. All that went racing through my head with different visions in my head to only get another text 1o minutes later that made me go from satan to a happy little cupcake. 


bag2 Also the weakness inside our souls for boys. I hate it i hate it i can not stand it. I will never play the fool for a guy but i will always have a spot for him in my hear and ocussianly in my head. I think no matter what they do or say we will always have that one guy we can never really stay mad at keep out of our life for a long time. I know i have a weakness for tall athletic funny guys, like it is so bad. And i do not really have one guy who has a grip on me becasue i am only 18 and believe i haven’t met the person who has made me truly fall in love. numerous times i thought it was when it was just teenage hormones, unrelastic expatations and the fear of being alone. 


life update  1 I can not stand when we as girls finally move on and decide to take charge of our lifes we become a bitch or  a whore. When we decide we had enough of being told what to do and how to do and begin to make our own decessions and take control it is a problem. I have lost count of how many times i have been called “bossy” “rude” or “bitch” becasue i voiced my opinon and took charge of my life and a situation. One thing i have been taught is people only do to you what you allow, and i will not be anybodies pawn and refuse to shrink myself and my opinions to make the others around me feel more comfortable. 



The bad thing about being a girl who knows what she wants out of life and a guy, there is a girl who does yet allows herself to be treted like a door mat. I can not stand when a girl does not realize her worth.  I know it is all about self love and how you view yourself however there is this thing called common sense. i have never understood how females deal with disrespect day after day from anybody, could not be me,would not be me. There has to come a time in a girls life were they look in the mirror and say to themselves either i am going to be a doormatt, or i am going to get my life back in order do my own thing and have him cralwing for me. another thing NEVER CHASE NO MAN. Make him persue you i know it can be hard i really do but if he is not putting in effort to text you call you and see ypu he does not care, and i know it can hurt but for him alone there is 6.99999 billion other people he is one in a bunch that boy is not your “person” 


girls are fake.gif We do not look out for eachother like we should. It is like we were born then setup and put against eachother. We were taught a young about being beautiful and popular we had these things installed in our head about who we should we befriend and who we should leave alone. Society raised us in a forest and fed us to wolves. We chose to either eat or get ate, and we fed on eachother. I do not know why when we see a pretty girl we thing ” og my god she is so pretty” but rarely tell her or we think the same thing then instanly look for a flaw to try to make her out to look bad. If we stepped back and truly got to know one another then maybe we as a whole population would not be so bitchy and om edge 24/7. 

It may seem i just hate being a girl, however i love it too. I love being a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. I enjoy going through a war everyday with every aspect in my life because it makes me, me. I would not be this social and aware if i was not you know that lovely fire who hates being on fire who wants to be put out yet wants to be left alone to burn but can not remeber if she turned off her straightner fire. I would be a boy and i do not think they live half the fun life we do.


6 thoughts on “5 things i hate about being a girl

  1. *Enter the female with Aspergers* Hello young one, *waves* this post is thoughtful and insightful. Most of human interaction is 80 percent body language and I don’t pick up on 80 percent of what is ‘said’ if you get me. 😛 When I was your age (going to be 33 this sept. 2016)

    I was highly bullied by other girls as you have pointed out. But something else happened I was mother hened by other girls who knew something was ‘off’ Now as a young woman myself I look back and know that I was not missing out on much re non verbal social garbage that must have been flung my way.

    Throughout my 20’s a struggled with self mutilation but with the help of God, my family and yes other girls I am now 3 years self harm free and healed! 🙂

    Now the scars remain but I don’t pick up on the non verbal and I’m OK with it because it is actually a story of healing and hope. If I picked up on body language I’d be shy. But I am open to being honest with anyone who asks about myself or my scars. “They just point to the One who’s healed me.” Is usually what I say. Also speaking with other younger girls and some my age I can point them in the direction of hope and healing.

    I loved your post as I’ve said and I appreciate ‘NT’ girls as well because the girls that can pick up on the q’s help out those that cannot. I love that about young women!

    I also speak Marsien and Venusian meaning I get ‘guy speak’ and a bit of ‘girl speak’ which has made life really funny.

    At the end of the day, each person is a soul that God breathed into being and all are of value.

    Thanks for your unique insight.

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