Makeup Haul Meijer Edition !!!!

Loves loves loves pay day has passed and i have taken the chance to get myself some new makeup products to try. I am still persuing makeup however i am not diving into the top of line products 1 becasue 1. I am not rich 2. just because it has a popular name does not mean it is always the best. So i was leaving the gym and had stopped by a meijer, and if you kow me Wal-Marts are my fave, but meijer treats me well.  So after a good little workout i went in to simply get some biotin and water, instead left with 3 liptsicks a new conceler and some eye glitter and a beauty blender …. And this is how the aftermath of my purchases went. 


Covergirl True blend is literally my saving grace. People who are literally 2 different shades from winter to summer know the struggle of forever changing complexion. And being mixed in the sun i am either gonna get sunkissed or sundissed. And this little bottle is worh all the 9 dollars i spent.  

I used a good amount ( which was not needed this stuff spreads easily and amazing) and as you can see the added bronzer was a nice little touch and the little pink beauty blender omg i was and am still in love! The 2 were a match made in the heavens.  And please just go blind to the eyebrows they are terrible, trying to grow them out so when i get them threaded they are slayed.


( Wet N Wild 501C)  This color is the best for school,work or somewhere casual going. It has a natural look to it, where people will have to take a second look to tell if it’s your naturallip color, or lipstick. The only downside to this lipstick is it take a good 3 layers for it to really apply to your lips. That is where the natural effect is nice and comes into play, but also i can pop if done 3 or more times. So kind of a 2 for 1 lipstick. 

 ( Wet N Wild 573 A) Blind Date is my favoriteeeeeeeeee!!!! only 99 cents and is better then some of my other expensive brands. It spreads easily and the time is last on my lips and the fact it does not smear!!!! and thankfully i have yet to have it rub off on my teeth and i am thanful for that. Only downside is when it does fade you look like you have been chocked and you are just regaining air. But the time legnth wearing wise is literally ALL DAY!!! so bring it just in case if you are going to a party,club or concert. 


( Wet N Wild 532E) This color was such a cute little nude. As you can see i have a more golden complexion right now so this color is kind of a low matte looking glow color. I usually wear it as my everyday look and it is the cutes color. Requires at least 2 strokes back and forth to get a good pop of color, aside from that the color is amazing. 

( Wet N Wild 352b) I was so excited to finally get some eye glitter. Like i was too happy to get home and try it out only to be sooooo dissapointed. to the point where i am applying it i am all this will turn out good, it will all be okay, just got to give it time. To me throwing it across the room and then going to pick it up and trashing that boy. My friend Brianna warned me however i did not listen ( Typical T’yanna thing) and first its smeary and wipes off, without you even having too. Its jelly like and best part IT DOES NOT GLITTER, LIKE NO SHIMMER SHINE AT ALL. Just runny old dull gold jell! 



IMG_2756anyways this was the aftermath of all that makeup doing and i was impressed, that glitter is still on my face but hey i get told by little kids ” T’yanna you are glowing” so i take it as a compliement and embrace the left over glitter!!!


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