Dear World

This world is and will always be ” dog eat dog world” that is the way we were made to be, however we do not have to always be who we are told to be. It seems with every passing day more and more people are being killed and shunned for simply being themselves and a certain religion,genger,complexion it is as if everybody forgot everybody has feelings and a heart. i am guilty as the next person for juding somebody to fast, talking behind someones backs but then there is the fact i am aware and working on it. This world is getting colder and colder and if you believe in God, Allah, whoever you praise or if you don’t just change who you are in hopes it may save a life and simply make a impact on anothers.

The media is all negative and we all sit and complain about it, when all the negativity we see is because we as a human population seemed to have lacked the common sense of how to co-exisit. We blame other people and races for why our world is crumbling right before our eyes and that anger and hatered we have for other people comes simply from our lack of knowledge and understanding of one another. I believe in God and i pray everyday that things change, not only for my own sake but everybodys. I know for a fact nobody is born knowing how to hate. It is something we are taught, something we see. We become acustom to it, and we are exposed to it way more then love that is why we adapt to it as fast and easily as we do.

In order to change this world, we must first change ourselves.

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