Being the Outfit

fashion 5

Some girls want the world, to be handed to them in the hand basket. Other girls want to pray out the weak to eliminate competition. Then there is me, I just want a Chanel bag and A new BMW topped off with my degree in Journalism, However all these things will come with time. I am only 18 at the moment and there are girls above me regarding money, cars and clothes. However no female will ever top my work ethic and drive to not only be the best but also own the best. 


fashion 4

People idolize the people that they are shown. However behind their idols there are the real big people. The ones that pull the strings that make it possible for the world to see the thing that they crave the most. Ever since I was little I always had the drive to be in charge and never be the dead weight. So I decided one day to become the brand, In order to become a leader you first have to follow because that prepares you to lead. So i played the role of following and took the piece of every good leader i have met an added it to myself and i give myself to the age of 25 to own my brand, be my brand, and live in NYC. 



fashion 6

I wakeup and i have this little routine 

  1. ignore my 1st alarm
  2. play fire & desire by drake
  3. go the bathroom and stare at myself like ( okay Tyanna let’s do this)
  4. take my shower and brush my teeth and light makeup
  5. usually have a good 10 minutes to spare so i check my so social media and stalk my friends and crush
  6. I blast icy by Gucci mane and head to work


fashion 3


Another thing I have been doing is reading way more magazines on my free time and looking at how people dress. And it ranges from impressed to a WTF to where did they get that because i want it. That is the fun part of fashion you can create a bunch of different looks and try new things. And some are going to be a hit or miss. Cop or drop, and not everybody is going to like it and that is where you go deaf and do you boo.


anna w.gif

Anna Wintour, A women who did what she wanted how she wanted and is mow in charge of the nations largest fashion magazine in the world. She did not get to the top by giving a damn what somebody had to say she got to the top by working hard, doing her own thing, and learning from the best ultimately making herself the best. Now that my friends is GOALS. 


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