Dating in generation Y

Here is an insightful look on how me and my love life are holding up. It is me the money and my cat. when i was 9 i had always visioned myself as one of those girls from the movies were i would be in love and mean the world to somebody, that my friend has yet to happen. I mean i am only 18 going on 19 and have yet to have that cliché movie kiss in the rain, the stupid breakup and makeup, too summon it up Disney and Hilary duff had set my standards and hopes pretty high only to have them crash straight to hell.

I have been told stories about dating in the past and have seen movies portraying relationships the love stage the hard fall and makeup. No movie has yet to explain the damn reality of this generation and how we deal with things involving our feelings, we suck. We all preach about wanting somebody when hold of us are too busy to entertain somebody, and the other half of us want to explore people out there and live life-like a free little bird.  I am guilty of being both people. I feel like I do want a relationship where on the other hand i want to have fun and do my own thing, i am a more of my own thing person due to the fact i find it hard to maintain a crush and near impossible to genuinely fall in love with somebody. 

I am as i said only 18 so i am not pressed for a relationship as everybody around me seems to be in love,having kids and getting married then there is me. I am trying to figure out how the hell i am going to afford all the things i want while handling my priorities. Dating used to spark my interest until i had realized how dead everybody is now of days. People want the world and refuse to offer you a grain of sand. This generation is selfish, we go for what we want at the expense of anybody and it is who we are.We play with each others feelings and use people to pass time until we find who we truly want or simply because we are simply bored. I did it and i am sorry about it. I realized their was a guy i had talked to simply because i was lonely and i liked the fact he was sweet and nice all the time. And that was a bitch move on my part. He did not deserve that and i knew better. Me and him are good friends now and i hope he does find somebody that likes him and treats him the same if not better. 

The people who live like the example above damage the good we have left. You can only toy and manipulate people so much before they change in order not to get hurt. And that is messed up. Our generation is a lot of things but dumb is not one. We know what we are doing we are almost too good with our words and we are reckless. We act first and think later. The problem with dating in this generation is you can’t trust anybody. We live in the ERA of being a “side chick” or “main” we have no loyalty. And when we find it we play it and leave it. We fall for the guy who drives the nice car has his own place who brings in money from his nice paying job. We lust for the instagram girl with thousands of followers, who promotes the biggest parties who is the special guest in the hottest club in the city. We are driven to the damn apple on the snake tree. We lust and we lie and we thrive off our pride. 


This is why it is impossible to date in generation Y.

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