Marking your words

Mark my words. 3 simple words that hold so much power if you stick to them. I have learned this by dealing with people and their words as well as dealing with my own and marking your words is sealing the deal with a kiss. People will always remember what you said when they have the feeling of doubt towards you. So in the future they can come around and throw it right in your face, that is where you have to discover your own personal balance and determination to go out and make things happen on your own and yourself.

1. Nobody is going to go get it for you: I laugh as i type this because i really did expect my dreams o fall into my lap and for me just to simply graced with the blessings of my dreams and yeah that idea went straight to hell very very fast. I had to want it and plan for it and mostly what i am doing now, i had to work. work. and more work.

2.Plan: You need to plan, and plan smart. Do not expect one song, good play, blog post to be the hit you need to get out and plan smart and in order. You can not plan to start at the top or middle, you have to start at the bottom and own the damn bottom, because in order to appreciate the top you have to first hate the bottom.

3.Never give up: Easiest one to be said, hardest to be done. We get sp discouraged everyday with statistics and facts everyday. We are told to think outside the box yet we are kept in the box our whole life. And we end up settling and never settle.From your dreams, relationships,job,school never settle. Go for what you love and once you get it never let it go and cherish it. Work for it never back down, we all have a fighter within us and we are our biggest enemy.


Take risk and push the line. Never apologize for being who you are and going for the dreams you want. Have people mark your words and do what you set out to do. Become the person everybody brags about knowing! Become who you always dreamt of being.  personal

One thought on “Marking your words

  1. Your advice is so much easier to follow as you get older and gain life experience. In think it is difficult for younger people because they need to heed advice, but it can be tough to determine who to heed it from.

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