Summer is coming to an end and fall is among us. Some of us will be going back to college escaping our hometown and parents, while others will be approaching high school and the lucky ones, starting their new fancy job that their college degree bought them. Most importantly fall means the coming of change. From the weather all the way to the people.This summer has been one of many  adventures. I have done some wild things met some amazing people and lost some people i thought were my “friends”. Maybe that is the beauty in it all. I had first thought my summer to be one of summer classes and work, when in reality it was class and adventure.

I went to Atlanta to see my family and this week was such an amazing week. I had spent time from them and realized my whole phase of hating them was just a phase and that i actually do not mind their existence on this earth. Then there was the amusing part of seeing old classmates. Now the best advice i can give from the week i was here is that if they did not give you attention or time of day when you are down, never give them yours when you are up! like i can not stress this enough. My biggest problem is that i rarely get attached but when i do i always care.  and from past lesson i have learned to channel that. and i have learned from this trip back to ATL is

1.  If you love your bank account do not even try chick-fil-a cause you will splurge

2. Atlanta traffic will make you go crazy 3. people you went to highschool with will act like they were not shady ass people towards you and

3. It is ok to visit where you from, but never return to live there, life has so much more to offer then your hometown.





summer flings can perfectly describe my summer 16.  not in the sexual fling way more like i am going to text you and facetime you 24/7 but never take you seriously kind of flings. And that is honestly the biggest waste of my time i found myself doing this summer. I had accomplished getting my highschool crush, i had accomplished my 16 year old crush i had finally done all i said i was going to but yet, i am no where near what i expected it to feel like. I ended up liking somebody who i know i will never have simply because we are just 2 different people. He enjoys expressing his feelings while being to open and vulnerable and then there is me. I am only sharing if i want to. but you know deep down i will always care about the boy cause that is just how girls are made, it is like we are  designed to love what hurts us the most. However i would expect me to be heartbroken and all thinking about it but, i am living. I just turned 19 and am in college working and about to study retail i do not have the time to put my effort into a full commited relationship. I think this summer i have truly learned everybody fears being alone where as i fear being commited. 


Go where you are celebrated not tolerated



New York City, a city i envy people who get to grow up their. now before people mention the cost the lack of grass and the fact it is extreamly overpacked, it is NYC. I mean if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Being from michigan and moving to the suburbs of Atlanta, i tought it would be fun but it was not me. I am somebody who likes to move see new people and places everyday, and michigan does not offer it, atlanta is the smallest place ever to me, and NYC  is writers capitol of the world. Why not go where i could be somebody that nobody knows and create my own name and brand. This summer has taught me i have drive and ambition i just have to want something and really want it to make it happen.



lastly, i plan on blogging way more simply due ot the fact i plan on being very anti this fall and winter except on my blog simply because summer seventeen will be mine.



2 thoughts on “Fall

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I remember visiting NYC for the first time, and I was in complete awe at how different it was compared to my small city here in the South. Thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading more on this blog! Have a great Fall season. – Daniel

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