5 things i wish i would of known my freshmen year of college.

Freshmen Year, 

God bless freshmen year, A year where you are an adult, where you are on your own and left to adult on your own. no mommy holding your hand and daddy wiping your tears. You are literally thrown to the wolves and you better learn to eat or get ate….. Just kidding!! but only a little bit because freshmen year will be the best yet most hard year of your life. I went in thinking i knew everything and that i was a grown women and that i could set it off when i want how i wan but i was wrong . I learned many things not only about myself but also college and here is my top 10.


I was the cliché that believed that if I could wake up at 6 am for highschool i could wake up for  a 9 am for college…. WRONG WRONG SO SO DAMN WRONG.  I enjoy my sleep, i enjoy my mornings in my bed warm and cuddly with my cats jasper and leo while watching criminal minds. but i decided i wanted to finish all my classes in the am so i could world more hours…. biggest wtf T’yanna moment. I live in Michigan and our falls are pretty chilly and our winters are freezinggggg!!!!!!! and the biggest mistake of my life was thinking i could wakeup after laying in the bed warm and cozy and also the will to drive in the snow as it is a mini blizzard , so FYI do not do morning classes stay away stay away stay A W A Y  from the morning classes. 

2.  Your major will change at least once 

If your major does not change i pat you on the back because you are the truth, my major changes between journalism and marketing every other week, due out the fact i am a curious individual, I want to know all about everything i am interested in. But i know i love money and animals and marketing is learning about money and journalism is writing  which i love to do and veterinarian school only requires certain classes and not a major so bless the lord.  So if you change your major it is okay and it is normal and you will not die if you feel the need to change, for change is inevitable. 


3.  Your friends from highschool will rarely be a factor in your life 

I have learned that people change and your friends are usually the first to switch up. time waits for nothing and nobody so you yourself are bound to change and your friends are for sure bound to change that is the beauty in life i believe. I used to let the fact i had lost contact with old friends bother e but then one day i was like i truly do not care what they are doing nor how they are doing. simply because of the fact that people who genuinely love you and like you will make time for you!


4.  It is either a social life or honor roll 

people this ia major key, college you will party, you are bound to take a drink, bound to do something illegal and out of your confront zone, and it is fun yet dangerous. College if anything will teach you the power of balance. you will learn to balance classes, and your social life. You will have to juggle what is important and what is a treat. I wish I had known this because i was more of a partier then a booker. Now my grades did not suffer but i knew i could have had all A’s but i was aware i was lacking. But now i know if i separate my needs from my wants i should have no excuse not to get all A’s.


money shhhmoney moneyyyyyyyyyyy, you will be broke. literally 2 dollars in your checking 15 in your savings, no more than 50 all together. BROKE!!! I wish i had better money management skills but i do not. I have a wild Chanel obsession and lovely fanatic makeup and data overuse i just blow money as if the little bills grow on trees. And i have learned and now am working and saving simply due out the fact i want to disappear and come back a rich person who still appears to be just the typical average joe. So do not stress the money or homework friends enjoy your freshmen year and live life to the fullest while you are young. 

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