Eat or get Ate


I think my biggest flaw is the idea of doing to little. I have so many ideas of things i want to do, goals i want to accomplish and people and places i want to see. However i realized before i make the leap to put things into action i pause. I realized i pause not because i fear failure i believe something within me fears success. When i do things i like to be the best. Not the second best not the average joe the best. the person that others idolize and want to be like, not be a god but an inspiration. in a society with no valid role models i want to be the role model.



From animals, to makeup to life advice I want to teach it all and learn it all. I have gone though handfuls of jobs simply trying to discover what i love and what i love is not working for anybody. I enjoy setting my own rules and making my own schedule however, life does not work like that. In order to appreciate the top one must first suffer from the bottom. And that inspires me to work, invest and create.



I am not afraid to take a lost, if anything they are the most bittersweet thing to happen to me. I think for every time i succeed i failed 7 of those times. and every fail has been a motivation. Some of us are not born into a rich family we have to work and get our dreams out of the mud and build. And i have played around until i realized i want this. and by saying this i mean my own business my own thing. And i realized this journey i am going to fail, plenty of times like i have been my whole life, but my wins will outshine the hundreds of L’s i am going to  take and have taken.



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