1,000 ways i have learned to truly love.

Guys i truly love you all. I started my blog back in the beginning of this year and i have made a 100 blog post and have had over 5000 reads and 1,000 active followers like i really love you guys. I started this blog simply because i felt like i wanted to share my life and alive with strangers and you guys made that possible. I think it is amazing to have people i have never met relate to me so much, and to hear how i inspire you guys, or how much you relate to what i say it so rewarding. I truly mean everything i put on my blog from my life stories to advice and i think in a way it has made me a vulnerable person, i did out my whole life on the internet and to have you guys follow it and enjoy it means so much. I hope as time passes more readers come and they enjoy the hectic stories of T’yanna Tells and relate to the advice and add your sprinkles of advice to mine. And that this blog grows and we all as people grow.


Now to the good stuff

Man ohh man, i have survived my first week of sophomore year in college 16 credits 5 classes, and i still maintained my 4.0 gpa. And before you say ” it is only the first week” this first week was hell of a week so save your hating opinion cause i am out here and i am trying. And i have realized school is not easy but is not hard 1 if you study and 2 if you try your best, and give it your all. I have been doing that and man oh man how i have seen the difference.

My love life people is still in the complicated ass state, I like people but i am not putting my time into people because i am balancing time for myself,family,work and school And i am finally at a place where i do not feel the need to be in a relationship and or have the companionship of somebody to make me feel better and or talk to anybody. When i look back i was like that simply due to the fact i had TOO much time on my hands. When i am working and schooling and balancing i am so busy i do not wish about it, think about it. I am loving myself and learning about myself and i want and need you all to do the same my loves. 


I LOVE FOOTBALL, let alone watching tall muscular men run around on top of that, sign me up. i watched my favorite team ( Michigan) the one in this gif doing that icy play, yes them i love them and they destroyed Hawaii 67-3 Get as us if you can boo. I think i have grown to love college football so much 1 because my hormones go crazy when i watch it, my dad raised me on college football  and third it just makes me happy like who does not love football???!!!! But i feel like Michigan is gonna go 11-2 and are gonna make it far, but may yall teams have a good season except Ohio state… i do not like ohio state. 


Well that wraps up all i have to say as of today, i love you guys and hope everybody enjoys their long breaks!!!!


Love, T’yanna

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