Love yourz

Today i spent some time with my family, and they have this amazing loft off of a lake, with a beautiful boat. And the neighborhood and everything is just so beautiful. Like the houses are the ones that you see on twitter that people reply “goals” or ” future” too and when i was looking at the houses i started to catch myself envy.  I started to wish i was the person living in that house, simply because  they had this expensive boat and houses, and the view of the lake then i began to realize it is all about who you are, and your own story.

If i was born rich i know for a fact i would lack the ambition i have now, i am not poor but i do not have the luxury of living in a mansion and having mom and dad pay for every little thing i desire. I have to work, and by work i mean a 8-5 and go to school fulltime on top of that. And one thing i have learned by doing this you can work hard and still somehow manage to be broke, and it sucks at the time, but let me tell you when all of it pays off i can not wait to share the story and tell people how i stuck it the hell out.

I know girls who are being taken care of by older men, they get the lovely Chanel bags, the nice cars, the expensive clothes. they get the nice dates and all the things i can only work for and by work i mean work work, college and work hard. And do not get me wrong there are times i have debated if my morals really were that important. Like i could just do it for x amount of months and I will be set, i will have my purse my car my money  then i thought to myself, 1. i was raised better then that 2. i am worth more then that and 3. if i wanted something that bad i would get off my ass and go get it. It is not in my DNA to ever depend on a man. I will never give anybody the power to say ” you would not have this if it was not for  me” and i have people tell me that, and i would change it up so they did not have to help me anymore simply due to the fact i worked harder to help myself and that in itself is a major accomplishment and nice feeling.

The point is you have a journey and a story. And comparing yourself to others and the way they live is unrealistic simply because no matte rif you follow the blueprint of that person’s life you will never be them. Learn to live for yourself and learn to celebrate your lows just as much as your highs, because the lows are the best teachers. And always remember who was there for you when you were down, who gave you the only when you were broken, who gave you the time when you were a mess, the person who never left when you were lost. That is the people you need in your life and that is the person who you should inspire to be. Embrace the journey and fight through it cause you are stronger than you ever will know.

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