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there is nothing worse than a victim. I have been here done it got over it and do not plan on doing it anymore. However i know people who have done it and continue do it and i am at a place where i am not going to entertain it anymore,simply because it’s exhausting.  i get it we ll get strong crushes. We believe we found out soul mates and that they were made just for us when in reality there are 7 billion people and that 2 you are wasting time for and going stupid for is not worth it.  i have been there i used to think this one guy was made for me and i was just so absorbed in the idea that he this magical human who had his life together when really he was just a phase. He was something i had wanted since i was young and that was it. It was like the toy you always begged to gt when you would go to the store, it was a thrill when you were finally told yes however when you got it, it was nothing what you expected. And that is when you gotta let it all go.  I in the beginning tried and tried but 3 chances it is done and i can be done and live but other girls no they are done then dumb. they will make the excuses for the behavior, they will still worry about what the guy is doing and who is he with they will still make this boy a priority when she is not even an option to him. And being around these people, will literally kill your intelligence along with your patience. just let them be and do your own thing, because wasting your time trying to help somebody who is aware and vocal about wasting their time is one big cycle of BS. 




One thing i had notcied is when you are vocal about not wanting a relationship people tell you one day you will need to. They will say how you need to meet somebody have kids rasie a family all that jazz and i believe in it all the way but i do not believe in setteling. So many people rush it just to sya they dine it and they damage everything a relationship is suopposed to be in the process. You are supposed to get to know eachother and be friends learn and study one another before jumping in head first commiting to one and other. And HIGH SCHOOL CRUSHES CHANGE, YOU CHANGE, THEY CHANGE, CHANGE HAPPENS!  i had attempted to change myself in order to make myself think maybe i have to change in order to adapt to his ways, and never again. 

  1. you are worth a lot and if they can see it they do not deserve you
  2. somebody will you for you

Those 3 things please learn them,live by them and embrace them. Relationships will always be around and be a option your time and feelings are precious and should be treated and handeled as such, do not be anybodys personal dummy. 




Know that aybe you are not meant to be tamed. Maybe you just have to meet soebody eho thinks like you and believes in the things you do, or ismply knows who you are and what you are like and accepts it. However do not continue to chase and try to force a guy to care. continue in with your life and get back on track adn focus on school or work and yourself. there are like i said 7 billion people int his world why trip out over 1 whi is not concerned about you??





















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