L A M E , pretty much describes my life for the next 9 months, when i say lame i do not mean strictly books and work more just in the house binge watching Netflix and making my cat jasper do dance moves to Rihanna. This past summer as y’all have read about i have been pretty lit. i have partied, clobber, just lived life as if the summer was my last summer but i can say i have missed my lame weekends and plan on embracing them these 36 Fridays to go.  I am going to share my top 10 ways to fight the boredom and attempt to make your frilame less lame. 


10 ways to spice your life up!

  1.  Netflix!!!! I have always stuck with the shows or movies i have seen or heard were good instead spice it up and try something new. watch the movie that has 3 stars you would be surprised on how interesting it is. I had recently watched this documentary called ” the killer speaks” simply because i am addicted to horror things and i had always avoided it due to the 3 stars, but boy let me tell you i enjoyed it and it was way better than 3 states, try something outside your box and never forgot just cause other people do not like it does not mean you will as well. 
  2. Play with your hair/makeup ! growing up I was always told the best time to try new looks were on the weekend so why not do them when you have no plans friday night, and nothing saturday. or are just bored. dabble in your hair products and makeup and get to working your magic. see what you can do, see what you need to improve spice it up and be creative, you would be surprised on how fast time goes by when you do this. 
  3. LURK YOUR CRUSH!!! ladies even gentlemen when you are bored lurking is a major key. I know personally when i am bored i lurk as if it is my job. My advice would be start with their Facebook, due to the fact they most likely friends with their family members they are less likely to lie about things, and you get a sense of them through a family perspective. Now twitter and instagram is different everybody in a point of time flexes for the gram, or lies on twitter, but see since you have nothing but time, lurk and find out what is true and what is the lies, work your craft. 
  4. Cook something different!!! If i had my choice i would eat pizza rolls and ravioli all the time. However there are times when i try new things, like one time i had got curious and tried peanut butter and frosted flakes, and it was delicious. then i once made myself a omelets and today i had attempted to make Oreo pudding, but had gotten sidetracked and never got around to it. But use what you got in your kitchen and get crafty my friends!!!
  5. Facetime a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while!! as much as you miss them i guarantee they miss you just as much and will be glad you had called. catch up with them and see how they are doing. You would be surprised on how just checking on somebody how happy they will get, due to the fact it is always nice to know somebody was and is thinking about you. 
  6. Go through your closet!!! I had done this today and had found so many things i thought i had lost and was so happy to see them again. Living in Michigan the seasons change and i had found pants and sweaters u thought i had misplaced but they were just in my closet with all my other neglected never worm clothes, and also tyanna tip sell what you do to wear on poshmark or mercari quick fast nice money. 
  7. DIY projects! I plan on making my own knee high boots next frilame because 1 i am not paying 50 dollars for some damn boots, and 2 i like making things it is fun and time-consuming to me. so look up some diy’s and get to creating you little fire cracker you. 
  8. YouTube!!! omg YouTube youtube youtube how i love me some youtube. I find so many diy’s and interesting things on youtube. i watch fashion hauls, makeup tutorials and fights here and there i am human go ahead and judge me. but youtube is your best friend when you are bored you get to watch other people who were bored entertain themselves, so make a video or watch one and get inspired and be entertained. 
  9. Read a magazine/book I know i know, when we all think of reading we think of boring school reading however reading comes in many forms, from fashion magazines, online celebrity news academic journals everything, read sometimes i was reading about real estate and law earlier and i was entertained and did it for about two hours and was so into it i did not realize how fast time was passing by. So read loves expand your brains and realize knowledge is power!!!
  10. BLOG/VLOG this is so fun and entertaining and i love love love it, i wish more people would do it,i wish more people read blogs, i wish blogging was a thing taken serious because it is so much fun. You have the chance to talk about anything and everything and have other people read and comment and relate and the feeling is amazing do it my friends you will like it and if you are just a reader comment do not be a ghost interact let your little shine!


I hope these 10 things helped you guys or gave y’all some ideas! May your frilame be frilit 🙂



love you, T’yanna Tells

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