99 percent sure my grandma donated all my winter boots.

my loves let me tell you it has been hell of a month with september, now that we are 2 days into october i know this month is going to be one of those hectic jaw locking time crunching month.  my classes have been dragging me yet i still keep my head above water and keep my grades up due to the fact. i am the sugar honey ice tea and 2. i want a nice good future for myself.  i look back and count my ” i hate my life” episodes and ” i need to find the nearest bridge and jump off of that boy head first” attack.  but i have realized in the mist of all this life happening and adulating kicking me in my teeth so much has changed from last fall.

  1. I take school way more serious
  2. I take boys way less serious
  3. I still hate math but find joy in accounting and marketing formulas
  4. maybe i was not meant to be a vet but a lawyer
  5. my love for taco bell has grown way more and more
  6. I have become more reserved then i was last year simply because i am picky with my time
  7. I still have yet to find my favorite sharpie i lose in my room about 6 weeks ago.

I think people think they are not changing and are stuck simply because they do not stop and realize all that is going on around them. last year i had no blog, no camera, little to no social life, and a bank account full of money. to now i have a blog, have a nice canon camera, a thriving social life and a typical 19-year-old bank account. however i am learning to love what i have and looking back to last fall and now i believe i am learning to appreciate all that i do have. I used to dwell on the people i wanted in my life but just were not meant to be, and my problem is i am a forcer and a pusher. i try to see the best in everybody and forgive and forgive and forgive. but you can only forgive somebody so much before it starts to wear you all the way down. that is when you have to decide to let them go and go do their own little thing away from you.


Another thing being jobs, anybody who personally knows me knows i hate working for other people. i know how cliché right, but its the truth. i am somebody who is meant to work for myself and taking orders and being told what to do was never my thing, never will be so i plan on working on things of my own and starting ym own business so be on the lookout for that because i am excited about what  i have planned and can not wait to share!!!!



it is the first week of the month new beginnings challenge yourself and chase your dreams and only get better. and do not let anybody bring or break you down stand your ground, stand your  G R O U N D !!!!

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