Midterm Week

loves, babies,sweethearts, punks, humans, whatever you identify with, it is the dreaded week we call midterm weeks. I am in week 7 of college and let tell you i have been getting dragged and kicked and push but however i am surviving and serving serious grades. Last year around this time i was freaking out of this week. personally midterm week is hell week. simply due to the fact i am expected to be able to wrap-up 7 weeks with of class in a 150 word exam.




This is my face when it comes to that. People i can barely remember what i ate saturday let alone what i learned over the span of 7 weeks.  but i manage and the good news is midterm week means no class, because it is all online, which is a win win for me. and i only have 1 midterm to take out of my 5 classes 🙂 to say that i am excited is an understatement i am soooooo grateful because if i had to take 5 midterms i probably would find the nearest bridge and nose dive off it it.

Another thing midterm week had bought me to was the realization i get my associates soon. In marketing and i plan on ultimately after getting my degree in that i want to, go back to journalism due to the fact i love it. I think the problem with college is that we all get blinded by the facts that debt is real,and that we need a degree in something that pays well however i am not somebody who gives up on something i want and especially something that i love. I personally for a time thought i could do marketing as my job job, then i had a reader write me on snapchat, and she was telling me how i was brave for choosing a path i knew was gong to be more challenging and not the typical major, and how that was rare in a world like this, and i realized i was becoming one of those people who did what i believed would make my family happy, and provided a comfortable mediocre life for me, but as you know i am all about pushing my luck and choosing the path people think is impossible to succeed on.


img_6419 We have this thing called ArtPrize in my city where it is just art all throughout the city, and there was this one piece that had asked what makes you happy. and i had put my 2 cats and when i was walking away i thought what in my life really keeps me motivated and wanting to keep working and it is writing. I love animals, i love learning about law, but nothing has ever gave me the feeling i get when i write. due to the fact it is like personal free public therapy. It is my comfort zone which is special to me due to the fact when i thinks bout it i do not have a physical “safe place” and  i believe that is what makes me, me.


Midterm week is hell. And all i want you guys to know is do not let it break you down. college and school in all can be stressful. I hated high school and i do not hate college but there are times when i am ready to dropout and just become a sugar baby, but then i remember i survived worse. I use to always and still to this day get told i do not care about anything aside from myself and i mean it in a way is true. We are young we are supposed to be selfish with our time and our decisions due to the fact one day we won’t have the time to be selfish. So if you love your major and your family and friends don’t, to bad tell them go to school and major in it themselves since it is such an amazing subject. You getting dragged in your math class and feel like you are going to fail. Take the W, a W looks better then a F. lastly know tough times do not last but tough people do. So buckle down, study and jut know if you fail the sun is still going to come up, you will live, and keep your gpa high. So study, stay encouraged and if you feel like your life is in shambles, just know i lost my taco bell gift card and it is all I’ve been wanting since i woke, up…. you could always have it as bad as me :)!


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