You told me one day I would understand, so i hope one day you will too.

Either I have become super insensitive and just this monster or everyone has become so sensitive. I feel like I’m in the stage where I know what I want I know I want to be I know how to get there but the people I surround myself with him involved with is it’s a lot. I feel like as we grow up we are afraid to leave our comfort zone and my problem is I never really had a comfort zone. I am able to go place to place and really just buy by myself with myself. I don’t whatever and to become my own best friend and enjoy my own company I mean this is how T’yanna Tells even came to be. I was so antisocial for so long I realized what I liked who I liked and when I didn’t. And I think that In a way piss some people off. I was always told hell I need to open up and gives places and people chances, when in reality I don’t. Ever since I was young I was selective about who I gave my time to who are allowed in and who are allowed to even know me. And I will leave that people need to be like that. I would always get told how I shut the world out how I don’t communicate with anyone when in reality I don’t want to. I’m a very good communicator I’m very glad I knew my boy is the fact that some people I don’t want to. I do not want to lead you to some people I do not want to sit out until my feelings is on people and I do not want to allow some people get close to me. And if you’re like that it is OK.

I was so caught up in trying to become somebody that everyone would like. Everyone always says how they want you to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy but when you do it they bash you. You have the people who tell you it’s not realistic you have to be able to tell you oh that’s not you then you have the people tell you just flat-out can’t do it. And nobody has the power to tell you what you can do is tie from you. I never told anyone about starting a blog simply because I knew I would get the whole oh you’re not a blog or you didn’t read blogs growing up you were never until the whole magazine media outlet. And those my friends are the type of people that you just don’t tell your plans too. Instead I just did it I started my blog I want to say it was January 1, 2015 I decided it’s what I want to do I enjoy writing and I enjoy talking to people so I’m going to start a blog. And ever since then I’ve had 1000 followers I had a total of 5000 views traffic from all over the nation and it’s honestly amazing. And I think the beauty and that is the fact that nobody was telling me what I couldn’t do. For every person that told me I could do something or I have the ability to go chase and make it happen I would say I had four people tell me that I’m not being realistic. And I think that is what drove me to go out and get what I want. I no longer tell people what I want out of life what I’m majoring in and where I’m working at that. Simply because I don’t want him to know and that is how this whole stepping on people’s toes comes into play.

As a lot of you know I originally wanted to become a veterinarian which I still do I still do I love animals and I love journalism but however I took on marketing because I want to start my own business one day and I want to know how to sell myself and my product and how to analyze the market. And I’ve had so many people tell me but you’re not gonna math you don’t communicate and I just don’t see you in the market or stocks. Are people tell me I need to get a better job so that way when I graduate college I’ll have like this amazing 9 to 5 all said your office job where I work Monday through Friday. And I think right now people who know me know I’m not doing that. I’m not a settler I don’t do anything that I do not want to do. Then I had people tell me that I feel like I’m above certain things that I’m above certain people that I need to grow up and do these stupid timely steam activities and be with people I don’t care to be around. And I don’t. The problem that I think I have now is  I refuse to people please now. The danger when someone become so comfortable with themselves and being alone is they don’t tolerate anything because they learn to live alone they learned to be social and self entertaining just by themselves. I have honestly you’ve had so much fun building in my blog and looking up magazine information reading into magazine editors that I truly don’t really feel the desire to go out and make new friends. I fee came so driven and I’m just building myself building a brand off at Tiana tells and just really growing up. And everyone says that I’m not grown up because I don’t take in the opinion that they give me. But I do I take everything into consideration but if I feel like it’s not a best fit for me I’m not going to do it. I have let too many people give me considerations and I’ve actually follow through with them and it made me miserable. Sometimes the people you think they’re always right are right they don’t know how you feel they don’t know how you think so take into mind your own opinions and views on things before you just jump into action on someone’s idea.

The second part about stepping on people’s toes is that when you’re doing good and you’re happy it seems like everybody just wants to come for you. I have had old friends that I haven’t talked to in years come back in my life and tell me that they miss me or that I’ve changed in that I’m just this person they don’t know anymore. I’ve had family members tell me that I’m not the same girl I was when I was younger, how I’ve grown so rude and cold. And honestly I think for the first time since like third-grade I feel like me. In the miss of trying to live for ourselves our parents and our family we lose self-identity, and I feel like after just growing up and learning to be by myself and love myself that I’ve become a person that I was meant to be. I remember in second grade my teacher Miss Smith always told me Tiana you’re going to be the boss of some company one day. And she would always tell me how I was bossy how I knew what I want how I never take no as an answer and as I got older I’ve had adults tell me that I need to lose the attitude that mentality because no one owes me anything. And the point was they’re wrong somebody does owe me something I owe my self something. Ever since I can member I’ve always been hard on myself about things I did said things I didn’t do, and now I’m learning that all those stupid decisions and mistakes made me who I am today. I’ve just always been somebody who knew what I wanted and I’ve got sidetracked but I think we all have an appointment right time but the fact is I never stop going after what I wanted.

When I told the person about me starting a blog they told me oh you never even get to $200 to do the bad you’re not famous and you don’t have that kind of audience. But I told somebody that I want to major in marketing I told Neil you’re not going to mad that won’t even last a month. When I told somebody I want you to tell me that they when I told the person about me starting a blog they told me oh you never even get to $200 to do the bad you’re not famous and you don’t have that kind of audience. But I told somebody that I want to major in marketing I told me you’re not going to make it that I won’t even last a month. When I told somebody I want you to tell me that they told me I was lazy and that I didn’t have the time or patience to sit through college and also vet school. And the crazy part is I did all that they said I couldn’t. And you can too.

I want all of you to read in this to step on people’s toes. Make them uncomfortable by going after your dreams make them uncomfortable by doing what they said you couldn’t. Make them uncomfortable by being the person you told them that you were always going to be. I thrive off when I make people uncomfortable I live for that feeling when they look at me and they realize that they messed up. I live for the apology text I live for the forgive me cause I live for the I should’ve never doubted your face times, I thrive off of proving people wrong. I’ve always had love for the people who never doubted me always said that they believed in me and that I could do anything I put my mind to and I’ve always had love for the people that said I couldn’t do anything. I don’t know why I always listen to people that told me I couldn’t do something more than I was and just people that could. And I think The reason is because the people that told me I couldn’t do it we’re supposed to be the one encouraging me to do it. The trail never comes from a stranger negativity never comes from a stranger doubtful people are never strangers their people you’re close to. and don’t let them break you step on their toes. I’m not saying piss people off intentionally just cause you get a kick out of it I’m telling you to go after what you want regardless of what people say or feel. All of us on this planet are given 24 hours every day to do something you can either go out there get what you want and work hard for it and become somebody or you can just become this bitter 9-to-5 clock puncher Who knocks down somebody who has the courage to even voice their dreams to even voice what and who they want to be. And personally I’d rather be the person bold enough to voice my dreams and go out there and make them happen then someone who stuck in an office 9 to 5 working a job you hate my job that you settled for. It is never too late to go out there and make it happen. People are so full of a down so scared to feel that they don’t even try. So I’m just asking you all to step on toes and go out there and try. I believe in you.

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