Childs play on halloweeknd

So this day is Halloween one of adventure and mine was for sure one. i had went to visit my long time best friend at Michigan State, and it was honestly a well needed weekend. Friday i had went and that day we had really just partied. We had walked a total of 12 plus miles and it got to the point it was cold and everybody was freezing we had resorted to uber and then went to another party, which was packed that the floor ended up caving in!!!  ( i was not there when the floor caved in but it is a friend of mines house and he said the people done put a hole in the floor) If that is not lit, then i do not know what lit is. 


Saturday Was Game Day.  The Michigan Wolverines took on Michigan State and got them 32-23  and let me say happy is an understatement, due to the fact we were a struggling program and we are 8-0 now baby, and to take it to state, a team that beat us last season off the grace of god and a guy named jaylen watts hacks it was amazing to see them get that L at their home, i loved loved loved it!!! and this night we had hit up parties which were all being shutdown by cops before 12pm 😦 lame but then we ended up finding a good one and stayed there till about 4 am!!! good good night 


Sunday the lords day, was supposed to be recovery day i really just slept and relaxed finished all the homework i had managed to ut aside the week due to my lovely trait of procrastination. then the devil done danced into my life and i discovered that there was a party so me and my gang gang when to that, and stayed there until about 3 which and i slept like  a baby when i had gotten back to the dorm. 


currently, i am writing this and thinking about how old of a sleep i am about to get! if you would like to stay up to date with your favorite blogger T’yanna Tells my snapchat is tyannaangeline and my twitter is totallytyanna! I hope you all have a wonderful week and an amazing Halloween.

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