get a “Glo”



Sunday evening i uploaded my phone onto my laptop, meaning i put all of my hundreds of selfies onto my computer due to the fact my lovely iPhone hit capacity. And also i had to update my software on my mac, and any who i had realized my minor life tweaks, have impacted me in more ways than one. I have done certain things in order to get a ” glowing” appearance. And it was not buying a glow kit ( though i do want one) and did not pay to tan, and or soak up the sun, which is MIA in Michigan until May… sad i know. but i changed my life in small ways and the impact has created this glow. 


Water my Amiga!

Drink water my friends, drink , drink, drinkkkkkkkk. I had always heard how water gives you clear skin and i have thankfully never had bad or dry skin growing up and or now, but it never popped the way i had wanted it. so after hearing how it changes your skin so many times, and Gabrielle union swearing by it. I had to try it.! gabrielle union.jpg if this glowing goddess swears by it, I am believing it. Her skin is just popping. so i had went out on this mission to try to consume as much water as i could without having to throw it up. and by doing this i felt more energized and also my skin, which was already clear was jsut glowing even more. and i had relaized i was less hungry throughout the day so basically water is your friend people. 


New/Old Friends

bestfriends .gif I had alot of deadweight in my life. i was fiends with some draining, misguiding, just no good people. and the people i hung around ebgn to influence me and what goes on in my life. But knowing me and me being T’yanna that lasted for a very short amount of time. i have lsot friends and i ahve gained some old friends back adn that is honestly soemthinf i am so thankful for. i have missed my old friends i had relzied i was looking for replacements of them in new people and that was not working. And i had realzied once i had cut the toxic people out not only was i feeling ebtter, but i was more energgizes, i was smiling ore, and again the skin was beginning to POP!!!


B O Y S 

IMG_2463My bestfriend is my boyfirend, not literally but might as well be. I spent nearly all summer with her when i was not working and we talk on the phone all day nearly everyday and she is jsut my go to, but i have had boys in my life, and god bless their soul cause it is story time. i rarely like guys, i find a million attractive but me liking somebody is a rare event. and for some reason the ones i like are the ones i do not need. They are time cunsuming headaches that, for some reason i enjoy wasting my time with. But when i finally realized that i do not have the spare time to entertain somebodys son and play games with them life got so much easier. 



So cleanse your life, drink your water and enjoy your glow!!!!

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