S l u t

When i was younger i was so structured. I had been taught how a women was supposed to behave and act. I was taught my role in society and how i should present myself in order to be respected and taken serious, then the older i had gotten the more that i had began to lose the structure and create my own, and ditched society’s rules for me and how i should behave.

I have been reading tweets and seeing post on instagram and just listening to people talk and all people do now is shame. They bash the girl who enjoys to go out and dance. they bash the girl who likes to dress provocative and go out and club. hell i have even see people bash a girl for choosing to stay home and not do anything at all. I used to partake in the head ass activities of judging another girl for what she choose to do with her body and her time, then i had realized we spend so much time dragging each other down when we really need to build each other up.

First thing is your parents did not create you to please anybody in this world. You were not born to go to school, marry have kids and play the wife/mother role. You were born to be what the hell you wanted to be. You want to be a wife/mother do it. enjoy it live it up but if another women wants to be a god damn stripper, let that girl strip in peace. We are born and taught what we are supposed to do with our lifes and how we are supposed to do in order to achieve that lifestyle. My dad had always said to me, i could be anybody i wanted to be as long as i work hard, and stay consistent. Then he would always finish it with ” I am not raising no hoes” referring to me and my sister. And when i was younger i used to be like he was right, then as i got older i had realized he was wrong as is society.

I am 19 a sophomore in college, I enjoy going out i enjoy partying, i dress ” Provocative” for certain events such as the club and or a concert, and i enjoy spending time with the opposite sex, and apparently that makes me a hoe. img_5595 This is literally me every time i read a tweet, and or hear a speech about how a young women is supposed to act, and how acting your age and enjoying your life makes you a “hoe”.


One thing I always get into trouble for is my attitude, i am very unapologetic for my actions and my views on things. i will argue that trump is a clown and his supporters are some clowns too, i will argue that amber rose is the queen of being unapologetic and very liberating once you truly listen to what she says about society, and third if you got one life, live it up and beyond society rules. We as females are placed against each other, we compete for men, jobs, hell we even compete for attention we are raised to view each other as competition and not friends. We are drilled at a young age to cross our legs, say please and thank you, know how to clean , cook, do laundry all for the idea of one day finding a man who will fall in love and marry us.. that is bullshit.




Learn to cook so you can feed yourself

Learn to clean so you do not need to spend money on a mad because you do not know how to operate a vacuum

learn to say please and thank you so people will be able to tolerate you and show that you have class

Learn to stop living for the idea of a man and being the ideal women in modern america


we have been brain washed to be these classy, polite, literate porcelain little puppets. We are told that sex is bad, but our main role for america is sex. we are walking sex symbols. Society makes billions off our body, but tells us when we use it for our own personal wants we are “whores”. So ladies do what you want who you want, when you want and just have fun. stop letting society guilt you into feeling bad or pressured and just live your life, and have fun.


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