3 ways to handle a break up with class

Tis the season for breakups, As i read my twitter and scroll through my instagram and snapchat everybody is breaking up and leaving one another. Me personally i have not always been the best when it comes to breakups. I have had my fair share of name calling, mean social media post, and my personal favorite screaming matches over the phone and face to face. When you are upset it is easy to freak out and black out but when you take as top back and see others doing it, you realize 1. how stupid you look bashing somebody you once were nearly obsessed with and 2. spazzing out and bashing somebody will not make them take you back. 


I have one girl on instagram and snapchat that is constantly shading her ex, as I have done recently but i realize now that is childish. granted we were both childish, there is ways to handle situations like this classy and with all the pride you can scrape together and not become that spiteful ex. 

 Not every action needs a reaction

When you breakup with somebody the emotions are a rollercoaster. you go from being really sad to having the devil jump in your body and make you just this angry little gremlin. however bashing your ex and dragging them and their name through the dirt and exposing all their dirty little secrets, it is childish and not called for. I say this being a perpetrator of this. I have never told secrets but i went to twitter to throw a shade party and express my new-found hatred towards him, and looking back i realize i had his number, i could have sent all my shade directly to him and did not have to cause a scene for social media, they did not need to know i was going through it and that he was and i quote ” a stupid ass dumb bitch” 


Blessings come in the hardest lessons 

I am going to need everybody read this part out loud. BLESSINGS COME IN THE HARDEST LESSONS! I am a person who rarely likes somebody. I find a lot of people attractive but for me to want to talk to you and only you it is rare. And when I find somebody like that i become attached and attachment is deadly. When i had stopped talking to my ex it was weird. I went from talking to him all day everyday to nothing. We had unfollowed each other on all social media and carried on our life as if we had never met. And in the beginning i lurked like my life depended on it, then as time passed i stopped caring. I did not care who he was with, i did not care who’s picture he was liking , i even stopped listening to music he had suggested due to the fact i had only enjoyed it when he was around. When ou breakup you think god hates you, that life is out to drag you by your edges and all is going to hell in the world. but you learn so much from a breakup. Stop and think about your ex what are 5 things they have taught you. and if you think they are all negative really analyze it. I learned to decode a safe, that guys rarely lock their back door, that i snore which is still up for debate because i swear i don’t. you learn alot of small things about life and yourself so they did not just “F$#k your life up” when they entered it. 


Stop talking about it on social media

I swear i am mad none of my friends encouraged me to shut my damn mouth when i went on about my ex. but when emotions are high and feelings are hurt you tend to go a little stupid. making tweets about 

” how you don’t ask for much” 

“how you are a prize”

” how they are stupid,dumb, ” played themselves”

all of these you just look hurt and foolish, especially if they aren’t bashing you. I realized that when i had read my old tweets and read all i was saying sounding like a damn butt hurt fool. Instead call a friend, write about it in a journal, talk to somebody about it. STOP TWEETING, SNAPCHATTING,POSTING ON INSTAGRAM ABOUT…. Because nobody cares. 


Breakups suck, nobody wants to lose somebody they were once close with, but also nobody wants a bitter Betsy all on their social media and around them. we can not make people want us, and we sure as hell can not make people see our worth. We can only know it and keep it moving until we find somebody who sees it and appreciates us for who we are. It is the holidays and if you are single, live it up. be thankful you do not have to argue over where you are going to celebrate, who’s house are you going to first and whos second. be thankful you do not have to but your other a gift you are saving money, and lastly be thankful you are free to do what you want when you want. relationships are nice but enjoy being single. breakups suck but walking around talking down on your ex, making hateful post is pointless and a waste of time. 


There are 7 billion  people in this world,you will find your match somebody. love is patient and kind, not spiteful and revengeful. 

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