I hate elevator music

It safe to say we have all been on both ends of the ” i fucked up” stick. And recently i have had my fair share on both ends. to kick it off the first wtf tyanna moment was involving this group project i was in. I take advertising which i do not recommended it is the most black and white boring class ever and yeah i just think it is my professor but anyway instead of an exam we have a group project as our final. 




group projects are hell in my opinion. simply because i like to do creative projects my way or the highway, and before you all begin to say ” that is not how life works” or ” wow, she must be some selfish unstuck narcissist” let me say 1. my tagline is ” your favorite 90’s primadonna” and 2 when you want things done right …. do it yourself.  So i was in charge of the Powerpoint, which was not hard considering i had a powerpoint example to follow and i had thought i had done a pretty decent job…. i guess i was wrong cause my lovely sunflower of a group member did not think so. This lovely little sunflower went through and changed nearly every damn slide and said she made it more ” powerpoint” that sunflower mean ” professional’ like well excuse my non powerpoint self. and not to mention this little sunflower also said i deserved a 0 for an assignment that i helped do and create butttttttttt the sunflower said i did nothing and deserved the grade.  



Let me just say, i am the one who said lets put her in the group, and for her to turn around and snake me like that….. she lost her little rabbit mind.



Second way I’ve been on the wtf T’yanna end of the stick

IMG_7434.JPG my hair has been doing its own little thing and i am pretty proud and happy that is has been popping then i realized MY HAIR HAS BEEN POPPING SINCE BIRTH BUT I AM A DUMMY WHO ACTS LIKE SHE IS OBLIVIOUS  TO THE OBVIOUS AND NOW I AM MAD CAUSE I HAD THE HAIR GOALS I WANTED SINCE I WAS 12 AND NOW IM 19 AND JUST NOW REALIZING IT 🙂 the past year or 2 have been doing weaves and pressing the living soul out of my curls and now i am done fighting it. I just let it be because one it is better for me emotionally, physically and mentally. as well as it is me. this is who i am naturally, this is what i wake up and look like, this is what i go to bed looking like. THIS IS ME. fighting what and who i was doing nothing but making me tired and stressing my hair. 


img_7443 Lastly is the people. I feel like I have become a little more open and nice with people and in return they have been pulling strings and attempting to control every little thing they can. I have finally chose a school i see myself at and for once i feel like i have done the right thing for me based off me. I would like to go on a preach about how i have been living for myself and making decisions for myself with me as my first priority when that is not true. I have been doing things to make others happy and satisfied to show them i was actually capable of now being the cliché narcissistic fuck up. And i am happy with my choices. i begin school at Western Michigan University in the fall of 2017, move into my first apartment in August and my roommate being my best friend since the 6th grade and 2 complete strangers. It feels a little scary yet so so so exciting. We all got to grow up and leave the nest and i think i have done it right if not we ll are in for hell of blogs from august 2017-august 2018 🙂 




I would love to sign off and say how the world is rainbows and fun times, and do your best but instead I am telling you all to jump. mess up, make the mistake, excuse my french but fuck up. You do not grow unless you screw something up once in a while. I have been messing up alot the past week and i have done the most learning in the past month. \

  1. you are going to work with a delightful sunflower that is going to try your patiene, they are going to kill your attention spam and they are going to make you want to get real out of charecter and T’yanna Tells ” thoughs who shake shall get shook” and ” Thys who knock better buck”.
  2. You were given the face,body and hair for the reaosn embrace it! i am not saying wear it 24/7 but show it off sometimes. let people know the real you plus the person you can become with bundles and a wig, Embrace and Slay!
  3. Piss your parents off if the decession ultimately makes you happy. I get how hard it is to go against osmething when everyone is tellign you go the other way. I wanted to move to flordia after highschool and instead i had went back to michigan because everybody said i had to. and here we are 2 years later, every body telling me Grand Valley is for me and better for me, but i do not care and do not want to hear it anymore. I gave 2 years to a place that did not have my heart, just a space in my mind. and i will not do it again… for anybody. My favorite stories of my personal stories involves me pissing people off becasue it is always fun doing things people said you could never do. 



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