Your shit stinks too

People go places where they feel important. It is something that is in the human DNA always looking for validation and approval that they are somebody and that they are doing something right. This phase usually begins in the early pre-teens and you are supposed to grow out of it with age, especially in college. However i am realizing a lot of people are caught up in the small town fame that they have, and they feel as if they’re celebrities.

There is nothing more annoying than being around somebody who acts as if their shit doesn’t stink. We all know somebody like this, they feel as if they are just god’s gift to the world and that they are above everybody. And personally I may say some very narcissistic things, i may be my own wallpaper, and i may refer to myself as a goddess but i do not ever disrespect anybody simply because i know i have the power to. And if you do i just have two things to say to you

  1. God don’t like ugly
  2. You are not nothing special

Since Moving back to Michigan from Georgia, i realize a lot of people truly believe in their little delusional mind, they are celebrities. They have 20k followers on instagram, which majority are purchased. They are club promoters and or bottle girls or strippers or self proclaimed “models” and i do not knock anybody’s hustle, by all means get your money by all means, but also i will be damned if i let any of these local knockoff wanna-be beyonce’s/ Kim K get away with attempting to act as if they are above me or anybody else.

I was raised to always be humble and treat people with respect. No matter what i had and somebody lacked i was raised to never brag and talk about others because everything i had one day could be gone the next. And like i said earlier i went through the phase where i walked around and thought i was this perfect specimen that could do no wrong, then reality had hit me i was another everyday human and i need to act as such before somebody takes my head off my shoulders for acting like a true bitch.

Small towns have little to nothing to do, so it is easy for people to get bored, and due to the lack of a large population it is easy to stand out if you are beautiful, play a sport, or have a lot of money. and that attention is addictive, it is a high. I get it is easy to get caught up in the hype of people noticing you and wanting to be around you and your friend. However the reality is you are nobody in the real world. People forget that each and every one of us live in only the smallest portion of this world. Yes, you may be “famous” on campus but is the person in the next state over going to stop you at the gas station to speak? do they even know who you are? Is you “fame” paying your bills? do you have the newest BMW? do you have your own place?  do you even pay any bills without your parents help? I mean because all this fame and the way you act you have it all together right??

If you answered no to any of these and you walk around like your gods gift, sit down and get a grip on reality.

I grew up around a variety of people, all from different backgrounds all different ethnicities, and i can say their is nothing worse then a beautiful person with a ugly soul. I do not care how attractive you are, i do not care about how much money you make, i do not give a single genuine damn if you are a D1 athlete and you are bound for the league, how you treat people is who you really are. I am not saying you are going to be a bowl of sunshine all the time. you are going to be rude, you are going to be a bitch, you are going to say some real disrespectful things, but there is a huge difference between here and there compared to everyday.

It did not hit me how annoying these type of people are until i looked at myself. I used to be mean, and not intentionally and i never singled anybody out, but i was rude. I would talk about other girls and what they wore, their looks and all that stupid crap. And i would talk about guys and how they looked, what they wore, how they acted. Then i remember one of my friends had called me a ” mean bitch” and we had laughed it off. but i had went home and began to think about all i said and the way i acted towards people and i had realized.

  1. I was raised SOOOO much better then that.
  2. I would be damned if somebody treated my child, the way i was treating other people
  3. I would not want anybody treating me the way i treated other people

After realizing how bad i was, i had began to change. I had stopped looking for the flaws in people and focused on the flaws within myself. I had stopped worrying about the girls around me trying to pick at what is ” wrong” with them, and what they could change to look better. Instead i would look at their hair, outfit, and chose something i liked, and compliment them. and let me tell you this complementing a girl is the quickest way to start a friendship. When i had went on my interview for Ulta i had met a girl named Amina, and i had complimented her makeup because it was slayed, and she had complimented my skin, and now she and I are friends, that is my boo real funny laid back, and we became friends by simply complementing each other. I could of looked hard for something i did not like about her, could of got jealous of the fact her hair is the perfect color of jet black and assume ” she is probably a bitch” but i didn’t and gained a friend. And with guys i stopped comparing them all to the love of my life Odell Beckham. Not every guy is going to be 6 feet….. I know earth shattering, not every guy is going to have a nice car, and who i am to judge i have a nice little POS car myself. And not every guy is going to have it together, i also can not judge because my life is a hot ass mess with glitter sprinkled over it.

I am a sinner, i have made people feel like crap. I myself have been absorbed in the small time fame i had, i have been somebody who believed i was above others simply because i am pretty, and had a lot of attention. But then reality hit me that i bleed like everybody else, i cry like everybody else, and i am just another person in this large world. So the choice is yours, balls in your can either be somebody who people enjoy being around. a person other people want to hangout with, invite places because they genuinely want you there. Somebody who is beautiful on the inside just as much as the outside. Or you can be that local celebrity who thinks they are gods gift. that people “like” but deep down hate the person who when people talk about say ”  oh yeah i know them but their a dick”. You can either be loved or tolerated, all up to you, your words and actions.



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