November Giveaway

I have decided i want to spice things up on my blog just a tad bit. Since the holidays are among us and the spirit of giving and helping is in full effect. I have decided i want to do something for you guys. I have seen blogs do giveaways, and i thought how cool is that! I myself am a sucker for giveaways, i mean who does not love giveaways?? if you don’t something is wrong with you my friend. 

I am a college student so I can not just pass out lavish gifts, and i am sorry about that, but i can out together a little something something for my readers. Because you guys are the best and you make and give my blog life and meaning. So i decided i will just do random things, and not just set myself in the box for the giveaways so we can always keep it fresh and upbeat. 

For this month since it is coming to an end, i have decided to do an ABSOLUTE New York matte lipstick.  It is NFA52 Dark Red! 

I would include a photo and swatch but however it is brand new and ready to go to one of you!

I chose this color simply because it is red, it is the holiday season, and matte is the perfect look for holidays because it stays and does not smear. So i will randomly pick a winner, by writing all your blogs name on a piece of paper and picking them out of a bucket, because hats in my opinion are rigged. and i will let the winner know they have won their prize!

In order to qualify and chance to win you must 

  1. be following my blog
  2. like this post
  3. comment your favorite makeup brands and products so i know what to get for Decembers giveaway

I know it is only one things, but it is free and raffles are fun, for Decembers giveaway I plan on giving out 5 make products, so make sure you leave comments and suggestions because you just might be the winner!

Have an amazing turkey day or just day in general !


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