Starboy Review

The album has finally dropped. It has been nearing a year since Beauty Behind The Madness, and now we have STARBOY . Beauty Behind The Madness had this feeling that made you miss old lovers/ friends. it made you think back to the past and realize how love is some tainted distorted mess. Then the Weekend does something completely different with this piece. The sound and tone of STARBOY is aggressive. It sets the mood of being unapologetic and knowing what you want, and it not being love. It has this self-centered vibe which is perfect for my ” me vs the world people”. I have spent the morning listening to the album and this is my opinion on the track list. 


This song alone made me want to hear the whole album. When debuted Beauty Behind The Madness, came out The Weeknd dropped ” I can’t feel my face” which when i first heard it i was a little trown off. it was very poppish and not the sound i had exptected to hear from The Weeknd. He is known for offering the tainted side of love, the world of drug use, and the addiction to fast life. So whenvi listen to Starboy, i get the old weekend vibe. The beat itself it catchy, the same repetition throughout the whole song, and the lyrcis ontop of that make the song addictive. 

” Girls get loose when they hear this song
100 on the dash get me close to God
We don’t pray for love, we just pray for cars”

These 3 lines summon up the weeknd and his music. The weeknd is known for shading the whole idea of love, and glorfying the world of drus, fast money, and fast girls. The song had me want more of the album and took me back to KissLand. 


6 Feet Under 

Personally, this is one of my favorites. In this song The Weekend discusses a female who souly cares about herself and her money. And i believe women in todays society can relate to this song. We are in a time, where the women are selfish and are motivated by the money. Women do go to the clubs to have fun and they know men with money are there. And becasue they know they have the ability to manipulate and get money out of them. One of the verses The Weeknd says 

“She don’t depend on anybody
Know just what to do with her own body
Counting all that money like a hobby
She don’t give a fuck about nobody
And she got her whole crew poppin”

This verse is a wrap up of the past 3 years. With the rise of femminism, and women over the double sgtadnards when it comes to Women and Men. How a women is going to do what she wants adn who she wants when she wants. The track will leave a women feeling empowered and give the a different perspective of other women. Instead of slut shaming you start to realize she is gaming everybody and her benifit is the newest designer bags and money. So is she really being used for sex or is she gaming guys to her own benifit. 


Love to Lay 

This song is the perfect example of the hook-up era that we live in. 

“It has begun again, my friend
In this room, we are nothing but strangers in a bed
You made me fall again, my friend
How can I forget when you said love was just pretend?”

This song is discussing yet another women who does not believe in love, but does not turndown the sex. Sex is said to be something that should be done with only people you love. but we live in 2016, and love is becomine a rare thing to see. This song touches on that. The Weeknd has feelings for the women where as she is simply here for the sex. 

“‘Cause she loves to lay
I learned the hard way
She loves to lay, I’m all to blame
I learned the hard way
She loves to lay
Know I learned the hard way
She loves to lay, it’s all a game
I learned the hard way”

He says how he had learned, adn how she was all about the games.this is one of my favorites off the albums due to the fact the roles are completly flipped. we are always told about how the gu breaks the girls ehart, where as The Weeknd is not afriad to spice things up and flip the roles. 


“You’re only looking for attention
The only problem is you’ll never get enough
You’re only looking for attention, oh, oh”

This song is one of the simplest on the album but yet has the power to have you singing the hook. The song is about a women who craves attetnion. and how even though she gets some it is never enough. He dicussess how The only mutual thing between them is the desire for sex, and the feeling of affection without the commit of love. This song is the typical Weeknd song and tone. reminded me of Aqquanited from Beauty Behind The Madness. 


This is more of story telling.

Sidewalks is more of a storytelling song. In the song he talks about being  homeless adn growing with no father. and how you are all you really have. He relates his life to the sidewalk due to the homelessness and how hard he had to work  to get to where he is at. one metaphor is like homeless to the Forbes list, to how the streets made him. And how nobody can claim him.

The song was really just a cocky feeling but also a sense of pride. How he took himself from nothing and made it to something that is nationally and globally known. The tone of the song was very steady it was something that people don’t have to have been homeless or be almost to relate to. It’s really just about taking yourself from nothing and creating yourself into something that is recognized and idolized.

Party Monster 

Party monster is super catchy. When I first heard the song  it wasn’t hard to pick up on the words and the beat of the song made it easy to remember. This song he talks about finding a girl and how she needs to understand his lifestyle and his addiction to the fast life. And in today’s society I think that is realistic due to the fact we are attracted to the fast life. Everyone dreams about cars and money and girls, even some dream about drugs. So I feel like the song touches on a lot of things in today and overall I enjoyed the song.



Reminder is sort of like sidewalks but more of a shit talking sense. He talks about everything he had and how no one made him and if someone had made them they need to replace him. Anyone who has  had success can relate to this. That’s when you discover said people love to claim you as family friends they just love to associate themselves with you. And there’s nothing more disrespectful than being falsely claimed. So what is it a reminder I got the sense of people may come around when there’s money to be made or when you are extremely successful. No one wants to be around when you’re dirt poor homeless and struggling. People only want the glory they don’t want to see a struggle.

False Alarm 

False alarm I wasn’t really feeling it. The beat kind of gave me a headache I felt like I was in a Nintendo game. However I did enjoy some of the lyrics some of them are catchy, but it wasn’t the vibe or sound and I expected or liked from the weekend. He has a tendency to switch things up to spice it up but I feel like this was one that did not need to be spiced up. I’m all for artist changing their sound an appearance but this was the one that just was not my cup of  tea


Rockin I got more of that I can’t feel my face vibe. It was very Poppy, expecting hear this song on the radio very soon because it is radio friendly that has that be that makes you move in the car when you’re stuck in traffic. However it is not one of my favorites on Starboy I like the weekend when he’s more aggressive and to the point like he is in 6 feet under and  love to lay. This one is just a replica of I can’t feel my face and it’s a good song but it is not something personally that I would play my car from the weekend and/or sing along with. I like the weekend for flipping the double standard rolls, showing the Darkside of love, I’m really just talking for all the narcissistic people who care about themselves and money

Ordinary Life 

I love ordinary life this is the kind of song I play when I’m leaving work due to the fact it is one  of the songs that will put you in a certain type of mood. He discusses the life that you live and how he would trade it for a halo. And I think everyone gets to a point like that once in their life where they feel like the life you’re living is not meant for them and they want to trade it. The famous saying “that Grass ain’t greener on the other side “is basically what this song summons out. How we chase after things just because they look nice and we all know all glitter is in gold and how it is easy for us to get caught up in the hype is something due to the fact someone else has it and is showing and it looks better than what you have. This song just puts me in the mood where I just think about my life and how sometimes I wish I was living so I’m not his life because it looks more put together and stable.


I did not like it. It sounds like a song out play in Charlotte Russe or forever 21. It’s more of the poppy feel kind of song you play when you’re trying to decide  what fur  coat to buy or which sweater or if you are just  cooking in the kitchen. It’s upbeat pop song.

True Colors

this song you play when you are Netflix and chilling when you’re just talking and I’d when you’re just in your room with the light candle doing homework. I enjoyed  the metaphors that The Weeknd used. I enjoy the way he breaks up the song how it’s not singing or  rapping,  and how it’s really just him talking which I think is different because it fits the beat.overall the song is very good and this is one of my other favorites that I’ve really enjoyed


All I Know 

top three best songs on this album. It’s not even the lyrics it’s the point that I like his voice on the track, I liked the lyrics of the track, and I like that he included future. When I think of the weeknd  I really think Lana Del Rey ASAP Rocky, I just think of like weird different artists. I don’t think of future, “I’m a put my thumb in her butt “rapper so when I heard this song I was like I really enjoy this do you altogether it just blended well it sounded well and I just really enjoy this track.

Stargirl Interlude 

My girl Lana Del Rey on there which if you know me I love love love love lana love love love Lana. It was really just a snippet of the introduction to a Stargirl is. I honestly think he chose the perfect featuring artists for this due to the fact Lana is different from anyone else out there to me. Lorde did  try to take her sound and style but mom is the queen of  different sounds and look which I enjoy.

Nothing wihtout you

my number one for this album. Simply because I think everyone has one person that they think of when they hear the song. We have all fell for somebody who made us feel complete. And the song touches on how without them how you feel incomplete which I believe a lot of people have been through especially in this generation. We are the hookup culture era. We have sex without love we date without love we do everything saying we want love but do everything to avoid love and this song it touches on how when you really do love somebody how it’s hard to live without them and when I hear this song I just started thinking about everything and I just really relate so this song is definitely my most favorite on this album.

A Lonely Night 

another I can’t feel my face song to me. Which I do like it also  reminded me of  In The Night.  In the night took forever to grow on me but one night when I was driving home from work I just let her play and I call myself singing it I feel like a lonely nights on the songs we have to hear repeatedly to like it. It’s not one of my favorites I don’t care for it but I feel like within time it’s going to grow on me so we shall see where this song moves In my life

Die For You

It’s a song that his voice is really deep and I just rides over the beat, it also makes me think of some people which is one of the songs are you just listen and you’re just like oh my god this song is just that shit. I listened to the song at least four times this morning so far. It’s actually playing as I’m writing this review again. This is a song he definitely listen do when you’re either driving home by yourself chat with someone or you just want to get in a mood.


Overall Starboy is a good album. If I was to compare it to Beauty Behind The Madness I would have to say Beauty Behind The Madness is still better . Because that album was just more in-depth, I’ve  related almost to every single song and album as in Starboy has a few tracks I think I could’ve done without. overall Starboy is a good album I’m not disappointed in at all. The tracks that I do like are amazing The Weeknd never disappoints me and I can honestly say I’m excited about the tour because I will be going to the show but I do believe The Weeknd has done a good job for his follow-up album of Beauty Behind The Madness. I would recommend getting the album or streaming the album. It’s the OVO sound.

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