T’yanna’s 2 picks of the week!

fullsizeoutput_1ecd This is Ab, Ab is my curly hair goals she is a “Taz Angel” which is a group of 3 girls all dating the same guy, crazy yes but they are lit. And if you do not know what lit means it means they are fun and are always out and doing something. Ab is Dominican and her hair is life. Used to wear my hair straight due to the fact my curls are a full-time job and i am lazy when it comes to my hair so i usually just would press i an continue on with life. then one day i was exploring my explore picture on instagram and i came across a page dedicated to curly hair. And i was being al these girls with hair like mine and i had realized, straight hair is extremely boring and second i missed my curls. So i had began to try new products and these are the products that i have been using. 


Cantu Products 




cantuthis is the truth! i love love love his detangler, I’ve been using it for little over 3 weeks now and it makes my curls real bouncy and just keeps them very hydrated and they just pop, which i could not ask for anything more in a curly hair product.

cantu-leave-in I’ve been using this for  a year, and love it as well. sometimes it makes my curls a little weird wish, like they will be super tight. but i love the smell and the feeling that my hair gets after i use this product.

Both of these are also very affordable!


the detangler is only 3.99

The leave in conditioner is 5


i plan on doing my favorite products of the week every friday! and these 2 are for sure on the top of my list right now, becasue of the price, and the fact they smell good, i am a sucker for smells! If you do end up trying them let me know how they worked for you!!!


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