Stop feeding the meter

Stop letting people waste your fucking time. 


Dear, Reader

They are not worth it. They do not text you, they rarely if ever call, they do not even watch your snaps. See i did not have to say a name, and you already have somebody in your head. Cut them off. I am so over seeing people complain and cry over people who do not deserve the space in your head and heart to bother you. People who care about you make time for you. I know sounds crazy right, they tell you. That school is demanding and do not get me started on how work is drilling them. oh lord please do not get me started on how work occupies their whole life and how after they are so tired to even text. But you being the lovely person you are, you understand people are busy and time is only so limited but. 


School is a lot, i understand i get it. I take 18 credits trust me i get it, but does that stop me from reaching out and calling and texting the people i care about…. Hell no. One because i miss them and two because i care about them i check in to let them know i am thinking about them and want to keep them informed as to what i am doing and how i am doing. and to see what they are doing and how they are doing. Nobody on earth is so busy in school that they can’t send you one text saying ” in class text you when i am out”.


If they play a sport their schedule is packed. I know their days are long but have you ever noticed to never have “time” to hit you up they somehow pull time out the air to make snaps, and tweet and post pictures on instagram, and like their whole timelines photo, some are even dumb enough to like your pictures and face to text you back… Now you are really thinking of somebody and how they do this to you. 


I want you to think of 5 things for me 

  1. When is their Birthday
  2. What is their favorite color
  3. What is their favorite movie
  4. What is their favorite food
  5. Who is their best friend

I bet you can answer all 5 if not 4 out of the 5, but can they even answer 1? hell can they even answer 3?  The problem is never time, it is the person. People make time for who they want. They make time for people that they care about. And it hurts to know that you care about somebody and the feeling is not mutual. But that sadly is life.


Not everybody is going to realize your worth. People are going to take you for granted, they are going to think you will be there for them forever and that nothing will change when it comes to you being there for them. But change is life, and being somebodys option should never even be an option. What somebody takes for granted others will appreciate. You are not a damn option, and you sure as hell are not a damn immortal. You have only so much time in your life and why waste it waiting for somebody to see how much you are worth. 


meters are made for temporary parking, and people who do not make time for you are temporary people. Feeding a meter is wasting money. we put all our money into meter in order to occupy that space on the street to park our car for a set time. And we devote all of our time to a person just to have them grant us a few texts and the occasional call every 2 weeks?!  you are better then that. you deserve better then that, and wait until better then that find you or you find it.  Inconsiderate people do not deserve your considerate feelings and sure as hell not your time. 

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