Nafiah’s Boutique

As I was scrolling through my instagram as i usually do when i find free time and are extremely bored, i came across a page called Nafiahsboutique, and it was honestly such a blessing. Not only are the clothes cute, they are affordable. If you have ever shopped at a boutique then you would knwo they are on the pricer side. and i am all for small buisness and watching htem grown. but you are doing serious drugs if you think i am going to pay 88 plus dollars for a black top with brown lace woven throuhg it. But i have came across the clothes on this page and fell in love. This is their Website 

Nafiahsboutique This is their Instagram 

That is the website, and i would adivse you all to take a look, i am ordering the bandage stand collar crop top. I am excited to see how it looks and fits on me, and i am just in love with what they have and the prices, it is college friendly prices!!! I would adivse you all to check it out, order some things and thank me late !






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