So, break is really over

2 more weeks then i am done with fall semester. I am close to losing my god damn mind, 2 weeks, 14 days and i do not think i have been this much of a hot ass mess since the middle of senior year. When everything is falling out the sky onto my back, and i am supposed to either break or keep it moving. and i chose as of now to keep is moving as you should. This 6 days no school was needed. I got to step away from the mess and distraction of school and mean to the mess of my reality life. I realized i have had toxic occupying a good portion of my life, i was granting the little free time that i did have to people who did not deserve it at all. And i was bring more stress and drama into my own life when it is the last thing i need.

Break is over. Fall semester is wrapping up. 2017 is among us. and you are still alive. you are still here. keep pushing. You can do it.

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