31 days until 2017

We have 31 more days until 2017…..

The hectic year of 2016 is coming to a end. and this year has been one for the books. As we enter December, a lot of things begin to weigh on all of us. our fall semester grades, college acceptances, everything we have worked hard for will all show itself and worth in the month of december, unless that is you keep working and attempting to grow. This time last year i had saved a lot of money, and had a job i had tolerated and no type of social life. Granted i thought i was happy, and as i compare myself to current day, 2016 was hell but it was a hell i think i needed to go through in order to grow.

We each have 30 days until 2016 becomes just another year that we all went through. Some of us will have graduated college this year, other will have had a child, Some may have made their dream into reality, and others may have felt like 2016 drug them and they are the biggest mess up in life. And all i can say to this is it is life. We are made to mess up and made to succeed. that is what makes life interesting it is what allows us to have the stories that we share with friends and family and even people on the internet.

I am proud of my 2016. i went to school year round, no breaks which is something i never would of seen myself doing last year, i started a blog which i had put off for years and people actually read my blog and enjoy it, I have somehow managed to juggle 17 credits and keep my sanity and grades A’s and B’s. I have managed to grow up though it may have seemed like there were times i was the most immature person i grew up alot. regardless of the times i have talked about ” drinking henry” and dressed “provocative”  I enjoyed my 2016.

I can say and name all the bad things i have done, all the wrongs but that is not what my year was about and sure as hell will not be what i relate back to 2016. It is December, it is finally Christmas time! we can finally blast cheetahlicious christmas, attempt to hit the Mariah Carey notes to all i want for christmas, WE CAN ENJOY OUR BREAKS MY FELLOW COLLEGE PEERS. So as we enter December embrace all that 2016 was. Do not wallow in self-pity about every mistake you made, do not focus on the media, and all the negativity that they talk about. Realize you are 31 days closer to a new year. you made it through 11 months of the hectic year.

SO put a smile on that face of yours and realize we are 31 more days from 2017, and 24 more days until CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!! Make December YOUR MONTH OF 2016.



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