Committed to not committing

I’m good I’m good I’m great! 

I realized i am a person who is really committed to not committing. I don’t mean relationship wise, i mean lifestyle wise. I am a believer that you should always strive to be better and always be different. And being born with a head full of curly hair, it was never hard not to stand out. But as time passed i wanted to try new looks and see if they would fit me and just dip my feet in the water here and there. And i think it is something that everybody should do because the same look everyday and for years is BORING! 



I am mixed. I would love to name with what but it is a lot lmao, so that being said i was lucky  enough to get a full-time job right on my head. For those of ou who don’t have curly hair then you are lucky on the aspect of time sent in the morning attempting to do your hair. I fought with the acceptance of my curls for so long due to the fact they give me a huge baby face and it is just a damn job. However i have for approaching a month have applied no heat, nor had the desire to heat my hair and i am falling in love with it all over again!

The one on the left is natural, no nothing just air-dried and left alone as you can see my hair grows out and not down. And i had always wished i had the curls that would grow down but i am a outer. The middle is my curls after flat braiding my hair at night. it creates a loose curl pattern for me, that gives the illusion my hair grows down. and the right sorry for the quality ( my phone was still on night mode) is just my hair in a bun after waking ip. I took these all on turkey day and i am realizing all 4 pictures i look like somebody different in all…. got to love curly hair!



img_7689Black Hair Looks 

Black is my new adventure that i am trying out and so far i enjoy it. In the Fall/Winter i am so so so pale, so the black brings the focus to my face. And by doing that i need to always keep my eyebrows done and lips nice and healthy. which is a job but a job i do very well, aside from my eyebrows right now but that is because of college. my natural shade is a dark dark brown, i do not have pure black hair so i wanted to try it and love love love it. I think black is one of my colors on me that i enjoy, and am kind of mad at myself for waiting 19 years to try it out. 

The color black just makes me focus more on my face, and just draws attention to it, which I enjoy somedays and I do believe it is a top 2 colors i love on me!


img_7512The Golden/ Dark Brown Ombre 

This color has been my go to love color. It has never failed me and i love love love love itttttt, however i feel myself becoming committed to it and sweetheart, that is what i am trying to avoid. Though this color as you can see i love and other always compliment it is becoming cliche and typical ” T’yanna”. I enjoy spicing and surprising. I like leaving people guessing like how does she do it, and how is she pulling it off? When i try new things with my hair i do it because I feel the need for change, and the honey has been a blessing. however it is becoming too predictable and used. 

Just the longest look i have committed to and came to love, but i do plan on making a major change this summer, i have a few ideas in my head on the color that i want to go so i am excited about that!!!!



We are approaching a new year, new year new you as many of us love to say, i know in 2017 i have a lot of plans and visions in my head of things i want to do and change, and my hair is one and i am not doing some drastic change, just color and different style and i encourage you all to do the same!!!

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