Blogmas 1:Christmas Ideas For Her

so i was just informed about “blogmas” and i want to do it so now i am going to crank out my first blogmas and what betters to start with then Christmas ideas for her!


DISCLAIMER: These are just my suggestions and things i think others will enjoy, i am not in any way shape or form responsible if she hates your gift 🙂 


Now back to the list, christmas is very fun as well as very very stressful. we have to give the people who give us so much, all these thing we think they deserve and some of us like myself are broke college student, others come from large families where you are required to get everybody a gift, then there is the fact we grant people who gives us the world enough presents it feel like.  So I am here to suggest 10 things i think are great christmas gifts for women!!!




Your can never go wrong with theses two stores when it comes to 99.9 percent of women. as much as we claim to not have an obsession with makeup and say our makeup skills are trash we all are in a way curious about makeup and always down to try it out. and These 2 stores are the places to go. Not only do they sell makeup they also sell skin and hair care products, so if they are that rare 1 percent who have to desire for makeup. they can browse around the hair and skin section and shop there. Also I would suggest putting at least 75 to 100 on the card, so they can get more than 1 thing from the store! 



WE LOVE BAGS . We love having new bags, small bags, little bags, over the shoulder, cross body you can just never go wrong with a cute purse. No matter how may purses that she may have  she will never have “enough” purses. Purses are like our 2k, how guys will have every year following all though the game never really changes, they just throw in little enhancements here and there, that is our purse. a new bag seems to have all these little things that ou old bag lacked. 



Money, Money,Money self-explanatory we will find a way to spend it quick and fast. 



I think personally this is a bias one, i had always wished somebody would buy me concert tickets. i think it is the most genuine act somebody can do, they had to think of that artist, their song and hear they are coming to town and they thought of you. now isn’t that cute. I do not know why that just makes my heart melt and put a smile on my face but concert are memories and who wouldn’t love going to a concert free of charge?!?!



Now this is a holy grail, when people cover your bill you feel as if they are a god given saint It is a stress reliever and such a blessing on the wallet especially during holiday season. It will be very very appreciated and trust me she will be happy as if you bought her a new puppy. 



Yessss, I took it there. Another movie cliché that if ind so adorable and cute, who would not love to wake up to a cute little pet. I mean make sure that they can keep up with a pet, and afford one and if they can and have expressed wanting one…. get it!!! be the blessing in their life on christmas day. quickest way to make somebody fall in love, well i know i would. 



A huge trend going around is customized necklaces, one with her name or the wave in which you get her a necklace with your name on it ( if you are her significant other) Which is super cute, and big right now. So that would be an ideal gift. something different and thoughtful.  


You know that one product she is always talking about, how she is all i bet it does not work, look how expensive it is, oh my god people actually buy that? yes that product buy it for her. watch her eyes light up she wants it. she knows she wants it. but something in our body always tells us to hold off and just wait. but you… get her it…. she will love it as well as you. 



THIS WILL BE LOVED AND CHERISHED. Take her to the salon on you before the New Years, she will be sooooo happy. As women we love to keep our look trendy and spicy, and she will be more then happy to go probably as soon as you offer the gift…. this is honestly a different gift that needs to be granted more. 



This is honestly all women want. You can shower women with material things and money all day but if you are not there mentally and emotionally, they will feel it and sense it, and then it just makes everything pointless. so whether it is your wife, mother,daughter,sister,aunty,friend. let them know you love them and that they make your life better and that you appreciate them. they will remember that and I promise you they will love it. 


i hope you enjoyed my suggestions and i hope they helped!!! Check in tomorrow to see day 2 of Blogmas!!!!!

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